1. Wandering Veterans

This site is dedicated solely to help those veterans that are homeless or are nearly homeless plan their living and survival. The New WanderingVets. Living in the United States from a Ruck is totally different than in the field as we are used to it. Actually there is more cover and concealment needed than you can imagine. The prying eyes of private citizens often report as derelicts, the police often roust us and commit illegal searches and seizures on our persons and possessions. Through this site I hope to share with you my experiences both past and current. I also learn things everyday. I actually at times sort of enjoy the life style and the places it takes me. I did not end up on the road by choice it is something that happened. Neither through alcohol or drugs. This site is not intended for those with habits to prolong living with those. If you have a chemical dependency problem I urge you to go to the VA if you are a veteran and tell them it is service related if it is due to PTSD and get into a detox program, or if it not still tell them and ask for help or go to any other program that is available. You have to be clean! There is nothing wrong with a drink every now and then if it is not running your life. Drugs are not ok if it is not for a medical condition period.

I urge readers of this blog to contribute their experiences as well. I am not all knowing. I am also on the road a lot, so at times I cannot contribute or edit as often as I might like but that will be changing soon hopefully.

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