3. You and the Police

Ok Wanderingvets!

Actually the Police are a Veterans friend sometimes. They will tend to look out for you as long as you are not screwing things up. They will allow you to panhandle, pitch a tent, rest and whatever as long as you are not being a general nuisance. Especially after they have illegally searched you already. It is best not to avoid the police. Often when I enter a small or medium sized town, I find the local cop shop and tell them who I am and present Vet ID, and want to know an ok area outside of town in walking distance of stores where I could camp at without causing disturbance. They will tell you and appreciate you putting yourself on the radar. It also protects you against other two legged predators as well. I have found though that some police officers think we are still general nuisances though so be wary regardless.

Items not to have on your person:
Drugs unless your name is on the bottle and not in handwriting (prescription or over the counter only please)
You do not need a Machete on your pack, you are not Man vs. Wild
No Needles Dope head (if you are a doper I am not writing these posts for you anyway)
A bad attitude

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