4. PanHandling 101 and Budgeting

OK Wanderingvets!

First off Keep a BUDGET!! The more you spend the more you work! For me personally I try to maintain $100.00 dollars at all times. You never know when times will get really lean or you might want to take a sabbatical to a nice hotel for a massage and a shiatsu. This does not mean you are having women over for pizza and Beer every night!

This is a Job! Work smarter not harder. Sometimes it takes two days to fill the coffers. DO NOT LOOK LIKE A BUM! BE CLEAN SHAVEN AND NEAT APPEARANCE! YOU ARE THE FORMER PRIDE OF OUR NATION! And get out of those downtown areas and hit the suburbs. Personally I get permission to be on someones property since I clean up and am always well dressed.

Hours of Panhandling:

6AM to 9:30AM this is the morning rush hour

take that coffee break and shade break until 11:30 Homeless Union Local #1 mandates that in your contract.

11:30 to 1:30 this is the lunch rush get it while they got the change from lunch and they are feeling bad for you!

1:30 to 4:30 lunch break take a breather you have worked hard so far

4:30 to 6:30 Hit it again! now the morning commuters that saw and did not pitch in feel bad and think you have been there all day! Second chance! Remember to change directions to go with the best traffic flow. turning lanes with concrete medians are the best.


Do not say you are HUNGRY! Do not say the word FOOD in your sign! Some do gooder will bring you a happy meal and you are stuck in six lanes of traffic with a burger. What works good is Homeless Vet Needs New Tent, or Sleeping Bag,…..you get the idea. Hard Goods. They do not want you in their homes so they can donate to your home! Always make your sign legible. Always have a wide tip felt marker and the sign on card board white preferred. There is always a massive supply behind any corner drugstore or Walmart.

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1 Response to “4. PanHandling 101 and Budgeting”

  1. 1 Mikel Jameson
    November 8, 2009 at 10:18 pm

    Ok I’ve gotta admit I worked for Wally World (that’s Wal-Mart for you straight-laced types) just a few months ago and most Wal-Marts have a compactor for their trash and cardboard since they don’t want you to get anything good from the trash (or their employees stealing anything.) The cardboard bales should be held together with at least 6 pieces of wire and it really pisses off management if you go and undo one and make a mess in the back parking lot so I recommend just going in and asking for a box of whatever size you think you need, remember that Super Wally Worlds are open 24hrs and thus stock around the clock so most sizes of boxes will be available; but the smaller stores will stock mostly after 11pm (and might be closed) so it’s best to wait for some employees to come out on a smoke break and then ask them for a box. Sure they could kick you off the property but most of the lower level guys/gals are pretty cool since they don’t get paid all that much and can understand your problems – BUT don’t go looking like a bum and smelling funny! Better to go to a section of town where there are a lot of smaller stores that use dumpsters so you can dive them for what you need, but again don’t make a mess or they’ll start locking them, or worse, Cleanscapes who picks up in downtown Seattle now offers a bag service so there aren’t any more dumpsters in some areas! Just makes your life a little harder. Good luck everyone on reintegration, Mike

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