6. Fitness

Ok Wanderingvets Listen up:
First, it is hard to get a donation for grubbing if you are wearing size 50 waist bands and smelling like last nights beer! You are projecting the image that the money you got yesterday went for a few 12 packs or you ate the whole Chinese buffet last night!
Now being homeless you should be getting a lot of exercise walking! It takes a lot of energy and sweat panhandling, walking, making and striking camp. Here is the hard part, eating HEALTHY!
I recommend that Atkins style diet personally for all the fatties out there. That is nuts, vegetables, cheeses and lean meats! Personally, I buy lean ham, and cheese from the grocery stores and place or roll the cheese in the meats. This will keep you lean without you burning muscle. Once you have trimmed then you can have some bread. Stay away from sugared drinks and white sugars. No candy bars. Too many homeless eat JUNK. Chips, soda, McDonald’s, and other fast foods wreck havoc on your systems and create unhealthy imbalances. You need the vitamins and minerals in store purchased foods. You can buy single tomatoes and eat them like apples, you can raid fast food places for salt and pepper and hot sauces (a must have item). You can fill up on peanuts cheaply. All of these are filling and help you trim down from that good life.
It is important to be trim to be successfully homeless. No one wants to give a ride to a sweaty fatty! Or hand over cash to someone that looks like he eats 50 meals a day.
Personally, I have always struggled with my weight and at almost 6’2″ I am naturally big. I almost always stay on this diet to remain presentable for the needed lift to somewhere I want to go. Always be neat and trim in appearance. And no visible smoking if you are a smoker. No one wants to support that habit with donations either. Smoke on your breaks as given in Panhandling 101

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1 Response to “6. Fitness”

  1. 1 Rich Saenz
    December 28, 2010 at 6:06 am

    Personally I have trouble maintaining a heathy weight since hitting the streets especially in winters cold so my concern is getting enough fat and calories so I dont wither away I have found canned corned beef hash to be a cheap source 1or2 bucks a can 800cal 50grms fat per can good out the can or heat it in a pan over a small fire these vital cheap fat calories can keep ya warm on a freezing night FULL OF PROTEIN 21grm per serving vital 4 muscle tissue preservation

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