11.Homelessness Amongst Veterans

Ok Wanderingvets:
I once said Homelessness is not a team sport. I am rethinking this thought. When I had that thought I was in pure survival of the fittest mode. I now believe homeless veterans need to seek each other out and form teams. This is for a few reasons. No one is looking out for the homeless veteran actually except ourselves. Oh yeah there are groups that say they are and they go to their conventions in Las Vegas and pass a resolution and then that is that. From My research nothing has changed in twenty years for the homeless veteran except the social workers have retired without doing a damn thing for the homeless. There is no homeless database, they still say there is no funding (yet there is a ton of money for homeless vet stuff that homeless vets do not need nor will ever use), well I will save that rant for another time. Us homeless veterans need to bond together. If you are a homeless veteran leave a comment for me on this site! It will go to my email and I will contact you personally. We need to organize our own self supporting network of provisioning, housing, employment etc. The thing is it can only start with us.

Good Luck.

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1 Response to “11.Homelessness Amongst Veterans”

  1. 1 wanderingvet
    September 30, 2007 at 4:12 pm

    I am rethinking seriously this post. I am thinking that part of some of our brother veterans homelessnes is the lack of brotherhood the seperation of the bonding, or maybe the lack of direction.

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