13. Homeless Internet

A friend of mine who I have enlisted to move this site to more fashionable pages asked me how I have wireless internet and able to get on the net as frequently as I have this month. Well as I have had a good month locationally, and it is pool weather, I have been hanging out at hotels swimming pools. After reaching over the fence and flipping the latch, picking up the provided towel at poolside, I sit at the table provide with shaded umbrella and surf the net on the hotels thoughtfully provided wireless internet for all of those busy executives that need to do business poolside. Naturally my pack is hidden in the weeds where I can see if anyone gets near it for security reasons. But that is how one does it in the modern wireless homeless world. The unsecured high speed surfer highway is everywhere, truck stops, real estate offices, coffee shops, convenience stores..wherever it is inconvenient to have multiple people needing passwords. One of my favorites though is hotels nationwide. I often go in the mornings. As people are leaving through the side doors, they will hold them open for me! I go to the buffet breakfast area (now I am wearing my oxford shirt, carrying my pack as a duffel with my sleeping bag crammed inside so it does not look like a pack and looks like a duffel. I then plug in my laptop, go to the breakfast bar, get a coffee and a danish, go to the front desk and get a USA Today and ask what time check out is, they smile and tell me! So now I am a guest. I then surf the internet as a guest of Holiday Inn or wherever I am at. I carry many hotel guides with me since they list all of their amenities and they never offend anyone that looks good (remember my post on hygiene). I can post most of the day if I want and drink coffee and juice all morning and plan my destinations as well. Update: I have learned also that numerous Donut Shops and Bars now have Internet in them as well.<div class=”statcounter”><a href=”http://www.statcounter.com/” class=”statcounter”><img src=”http://c2.statcounter.com/3158054/0/038d9984/0/” alt=”website statistics” class=”statcounter” /></a></div>
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1 Response to “13. Homeless Internet”

  1. 1 nomadsworld
    January 11, 2009 at 9:50 pm

    Slick. Very slick…

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