15. Homeless Veterans as Cause

Dear wanderingvets:

Noone cares. Being one of the over 500,000 to 800,000 homeless veterans nationwide (figure courtesy of the VA can you believe that! They got it to the closest 300,000 that they could?), we are not taxpayers, we do not vote, we are not organized, we do not rally, we are not listened to when we are, we are a popular cause for get togethers, we are popular for someone to get their name in the media for political reasons soon to be forgotten when they become an elected official. In Vermont, with a population from ages 1 month to 102 years they have a population of 524,000 people of which probably 25% are below 18 years of age or non voting. They have 1 congresman and 2 senators representing them. The Homeless Veterans all over 18 years of age having all served over three years in the military and their nation, are unrepresented and ignored.

It is really amazing to me how we allow illegal mexican immigrants to live off section 8 housing, food stamps, medicaid, and a welfare check. They are hired by companies that are normally paying them under the table in cash, avoiding taxation while living off our services. As we all know they are making legal babies left and right in order to stay in America. They take their money to Bank of America normally and then draw some out and go to the Tienda for export home to Mexico. They have no bills since Uncle Sam feeds and raises the kids. Later on with enough savings they go back to Bank of America, and buy a home with a Tax Payer ID number. Later that same year they get a credit card issued under that same TIN.

While the homeless veteran multiple choices of begging and sleeping on the streets, dining on the exquisite banquet at the local mission, and spending a fine evening amongst the predators and crackheads of the local shelters. And the greatest thing of all is, He Served His Country For This Fine Privledge! We made sure we paid the soldier lower than his civilian counterpart, gave him a below standard housing rate and docked his pay for it (that is part of the reason for lower pay), and on top of all of this HE PAID TAXES on his income every year! When something terrible happened and he lost his job and was forced on the streets, we see him and assume he is a crackhead or alcholic. He is normally a proud person. He has swallowed his pride and gone to the agencies where he was told there were no funds to assist him, they were sorry and good luck. If he needed a place to stay there was a shelter he could sleep at. That is the story of what the VA, The Department of Social Services and others have done for the Homeless Veteran.

So from what is being gained from the VA research here is that between 500,000 to 800,000 Homeless Veterans who thought that by serving honorably, working hard, being a decent citizen, paying their taxes, and having faith in the country they served and believing that it would take care of them in return was an unreal dream, then I am saddened. I do not think all of these veterans that I am talking about are crackhead, alcoholic, criminals, or mental cases. I believe very few are. I believe though that a nation has turned its back on a problem that was easy to ignore because one voice is easy to say “go away”. The reason the homeless vet is normally disqualified assistance is because he or she is single, childless, educated normally having education past the highschool level. One thing to especially notice if you meet a homeless veteran; they are not drunk, they are generally well groomed as can be, they are polite and have self esteem. They respect themselves and others. They set themselves apart from others.

The saddest thing about being a homeless veteran: The illegal immigrant gets more thought before congress than the homeless vet does. The lobbyist on behalf of Bank of America works harder for illegal immigrants and gets paid more than is given to funding for homelessness total in America. Here is a Conspiracy Theory for you. The banks of this country to include Countrywide Mortgage, Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, IndyMac have loaned billions of dollars to illegal aliens to buy homes in this nation as well as given them credit cards. Now who does not want them deported? The average citizen? or The CEO’s and the Congressman and Senators that get campaign contributions from these corporations. Now it is making a little more sense as to why Bank of America bailed out Countrywide Mortgage last month, as they are holding some of the same notes.

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