19. Shelters, VA and Social Social Services

Something has been bothering me all night and I have not slept well at all. I read quite a few articles and statistics on Sunday about overfilled shelters (where its not veterans) and some places where its a VA Shelter where the vets just walk out of and it has 60 empty beds. I have been thinking on this all night and I have been thinking and reading and taking notes on what I have read. I might be wrong in my analysis (as I often am) but here is my summations.

The overflowing shelters, are the crackheads, alcoholics, drifters, hiders, criminals, and all others that have lost faith, pride, and just given up hope. They have thrown themselves upon the mercy of a totally non working system. This system has really not worked since the end second world war. They have decided that life is too much for them and have quit working. Now there are some in there I know that are protecting their children, as they have nowhere else to go. But I believe the majority in these places that are willing to listen to the sermons, eat crappy food, and tolerate unbelievable living conditions amongst other predators have pretty much turned their lives over to a lower power. And Social Services does nothing here except head counts and charity referrals.

The Under filled VA Beds: Ok Former Sergeant, I think you are probably a crackhead so we do not trust you no matter that you formerly led between 10 and 60 of our nations finest. So you will go to counseling, not allowed to have a beer, be in bed at lights out at 9pm, no reading after lights out. Not allowed off the grounds for a week. You have to attend retraining in a job skills if you get that far. They have cute names for all of this though “Trust, compassion, commitment,” Sounds more like “We don’t trust you, and we are going to drop the hammer, we promise!” http://www.va.gov/columbiasc/HCHV/HCHV.htm#Residential_Treatment read carefully between the lines. I do not think anyone makes it to the job training parts of these homeless clinics. In reading this, I damn near need a stiff one and I have not had a beer in almost 3 weeks. Senator Teddy Kennedy could not make it three days in this program. Unfortunately the VA when it comes to Homeless Veterans is a screaming out loud frigging joke. Now what is even funnier? The VA gives Religious organizations grants to do the same thing! http://www1.va.gov/homeless/page.cfm?pg=26 Now you get all of the above and you get a sermon too! Holy Eisenhower’s Batman! Kill me now and make it go away please.
Whatever happened to treating Veterans Like the Men and Women they are with dignity and respect they earned while serving our nation.

The only difference between the VA and the Department of Social Services is?

At The Department of Social Services the signs are in English and Spanish

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1 Response to “19. Shelters, VA and Social Social Services”

  1. 1 Mike
    October 19, 2009 at 1:44 am

    Ok I couldn’t access the first web address so I don’t know but you can thank President Bush for giving money to the religious right. Unfortunately they’re also often the only organization in a given area that’s doing anything for the homeless at so you gotta look at it that way too. Many big cities much less the small cities and towns don’t have any secular organizations dealing with homeless at all (unless you count the police/firemen.) Mike

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