20. You all asked what I wanted

I have received a lot of letters of support from the women of Soldier Angels and I have more than looked through your web sites at your projects and I applaud them all. Your organization is very appreciated rest assured. And you are some sweet women. You asked if I needed anything and I will tell you what I am looking for:

I am looking for a platform to talk about this issue! To groups. If you might be able to tell I have sort of mastered the transportation aspect of navigating the highway system. The thing is yes there is an awareness, but there is no organization. I would like to meet with homeless veterans to organize them. The only way to fix this issue I believe is to start from the bottom up. Now help will be needed and some funding. But that can only come after there is an organized “army” of homeless.

I need organizations to start identifying. I hate to say “typing” individuals but to be honest, I need the meantally and physically healthy first few as a cadre before I can start on the masses. I am looking for volunteers from among the homeless that feel that they are strong enough that basically they have had enough of the B.S and understand that they way to fix something is to band together. I am looking for some that can lead and help others. The military taught us to lead and follow and I am looking for the leaders and recruiters first. I am not one with a messianic complex, but one with an idea and with a lot of research. The last time this was tried was the Bonus Army in Washington during the 30’s I believe. And the Bonus Army was noticed in its day. They drew so much attention that Douglas McArthur who is considered an American Hero, over the advice of future President Dwight Eisenhower, ordered an armed attack on former WWI soldiers.

I need to talk to veteran organizations willing to listen, the VA which will listen will do nothing since they are part of the problem and not the solution. I guess organizations I would like to talk with first are groundswell places like the VFW’s, DAV’s, American Legions, AMVETS etc. In the meantime, I try going to shelters, look around, meet people, make inquiries where I can. I would even enjoy talk radio and television on this subject as I have been told I do have charachter and charisma.

The only way to cure a problem is to show that a problem is curable if it is not ignored. The current measures in place are laughable and ignoble to those of the past, those current and to those who will fall into hardship in the future.

Good Luck.


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