23. Project CHALENG (from the VA)

Partnering with Local Communities Nationwideto Serve Homeless Veterans

The legislation guiding this initiative is contained in Public Laws 102-405, 103-446 and 105-114. The specific legislative requirements relating to Project CHALENG are that local medical center and regional office directors:

1.assess the needs of homeless veterans living in the area
2.make the assessment in coordination with representatives from state and local governments,
appropriate federal departments and agencies and non-governmental community organizations that serve the homeless population
3.identify the needs of homeless veterans with a focus on health care, education and training, employment, shelter, counseling, and outreach
4.assess the extent to which homeless veterans’ needs are being met
5.develop a list of all homeless services in the local area
6.encourage the development of coordinated services
7.take action to meet the needs of homeless veterans
8.inform homeless veterans of non-VA resources that are available in the community to meet their needs (CHARITY AGENCIES)

Dear Wanderingvets;

Funny thing about these questions is that they are filled out by the care providing agencies themselves. Since the services they provide at times are so spotty, and I have analyzed the data some have reported (some fail to report also). The agencies themselves are so scattered it is like the 12 tribes of Israel, and a homeless veteran is lost trying to find them all, and when he does find them, If he had gotten their scorecards first in these Chaleng reports he would have just shot himself first. Since most will tell him “we have not recieved our funding yet”, “We do not have any funds” or “Here is a list of Charities”

Personally, I have been there and ridden this horse before.



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