24. Veterans Administration Loses 121,000 Vets

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Reading about the VA is like reading about death camps the Nazis ran in WWII, either that or they are the biggest liars since ENRON. The more I read of these VA reports and digest their meanings, I cannot believe that our congressman, senators and general public buy into this. If the Veterans Administration was a public company, someone would be going to prison or thoroughly trashed. I do not understand this at all. Where is the Media in all of this? I had to get up, pack up, and stomp around, a bit. After reading page 19* of http://www.gao.gov/new.items/d06859.pdf Which is the Homeless Veterans Funding Report prepared for the Veterans Affairs Committee and realizing that between 2003 and 2004 the Veterans Administration either managed to kill off or lose 121,000 homeless veterans, I was shocked. Yes it is amazing but they did manage to find 2,000 of them in 2005 so things were better they said. The homeless veteran population in 2003 was 313,000. In 2004 it mysteriously dwindled to 192,000? The VA said this was based on a count by HUD. Well I thought the VA was going by the VA records. This sounds like they found a number that sounded better and ran with it. How can you just throw away or lose 121,000 people? The VA knows their names at least. They may not know where they are, but they know they are out there. That Congressman Steve Buyer, Chairman of the Committee on Veteran’s Affairs, did not walk out on this purely fictional accounting, needs to resign. If I was the congressman, I would have asked two questions: “does that mean the VA is refunding all of the money we undoubtedly over allocated back to the Government Accounting Office?” and the second one is “Do you have addresses and phone numbers on all of these miraculously sheltered and readjusted veterans?” or “Certificates of death” or something to account for these bodies? There is such a total lack of accountability here it is amazing. Actually it is criminal.

Losing 121,000 veterans is close to the size of losing the total United States Marine Corps, or the entire population of Sioux City, South Dakota (guess they could close the clinic there then). Explain Losing that to congress or the people of the United States. The VA is bad but…well yeah they are that Bad! And the sadder thing is, our congress we know never represents the people, nor do they even try to fake it either, but guys do our congressmen even listen to this stuff?

*Hud’s Continuum of Care is a way of counting people supposedly that LOCAL officials are using. Hmm I have to wonder about this. What numbers except those from LOCAL officials were they using the year before that?

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