25. Homeless Veteran Makeovers Number 1

Hello Wanderingvets and Friends,
Ok, whew… I have to stop reading those VA reports! They really mess with my mind. Never have so few been so screwed by so many…ok I’ll stop!

Anyway, todays lesson is: Dress to not look like a hopeless homeless person
Ok fellas first a few fashion tips.

  1. If your hat has a logo with a fish, anything to do with a vehicle, has an animal or any darn logo or is dirty…just ditch it ASAP And please do not get one that says “Keep on Trucking”.
  2. If you are into wearing army style field jackets…please dump them.
  3. If your beard makes you look like Uncle Jesse or Moses, shave it or trim it close and keep it that way goatees are in fashion.
  4. If you are over a size 40 in the waist and not over 6’5″ think Slim Fast.
  5. Dump the blue jeans, they are too hard to keep clean.

Now here is what we do:

  1. Head gear: look for a brimmed hat. It looks casual, there are tons of them in the goodwill and other thrifts like salvation army etc. I prefer a sort of straw style with 2 inch brim for sun and rain protection. Make sure it is not a stiff hat, let it have some flex and not light in color or too dark.
  2. Jackets: There are plenty of jacket styles out there. I prefer a golf style half zip that is reversible lined inside with wool like for cold and outside with water proof material.
  3. T-Shirts: Get some dark colored ones without logos and crap on them. Dark colors are easy to wash in sinks and streams etc.
  4. Long sleeved shirts: Get a couple of different button down collar oxfords. They go well with anything and help you fit in anywhere casual. Remember medium blue works good!
  5. Pants: Light weight khakis or chinos medium dark shade: These dry out easier and are easier to wash like the T-shirts and dry quickly.
  6. Shoes: Get some medium brown hiking boots. Now a days they are the style and at Goodwill they are 5 dollars. Go all leather no synthetic crap. Use polish occasionally!
  7. GET A BELT.
  8. Do not get your pants 3 sizes too big with your boxers hanging out.. Its not Hammer Time.

This list is easy to procure from any used clothing place or place that donates clothes. After a haircut and this change you will notice how people look at you differently. Outward appearance is the first step. Be neat! People do judge a book by its cover. You do not have to look homeless just because you are. People are more apt to assist those that are working with what they have, not letting themselves go to waste. This makeover does not have to be in one stop. Do what you can when you can. Friends, this could be your adopted friends “Makeover a Homeless Veteran” party thing too! It does not take a lot to maintain appearances. Friends, talk to friends about this. It makes a world of difference both mentally and physically. It makes one more approachable for sure and not being shunned is important.

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1 Response to “25. Homeless Veteran Makeovers Number 1”

  1. 1 Roe
    March 17, 2011 at 2:46 am

    Wow! Your list actually brought a smile to my face and my heart! Awesome and inspiring!

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