26. To My Readers (If there are any)

Dear Wanderingvets, Vets. and Freinds
I would like more of your input. I personally have tons of notes in journals from my research on VA and the Homeless Veterans, my daily eye witness accounts of my daily life as a Homeless Veteran, personal views, things one does to live every day, experience with local authority, planned itineraries, etc. Do you think you want more humorous anecdotes of a homeless persons day? Do you think my political writings are too dripping with sarcasm? I would like to know personally. As I lay on the ground and look at the stars at night I wonder if I am doing right or posting the correct things here on the WWW. Feed back is important I guess as I am not in the most swinging social circles at the moment. Sometimes I wonder as I am packing my pack I think of all the hiking authors I have read while growing up and thought…oh he surely did not lug a portable typewriter down the road. I have stumbled into places where others have camped before (others must be as brilliant as I am finding) and found they have left traces of themselves (for the future archeologists to mistakenly later think was an old 21st century indian urban camp site) where it is becoming understandable that sometimes repacking it just does not want to go back in the pack the way it came out and you just want to say screw it and leave it. You cannot do that though because it might become important later though. There have been a few days I have been so tempted, to just take the laptop to a pawnshop and dump it, but that is like with the police when they go through my pack it is a long enough story and another re-pack. Anyhow give me some feedback on what stories most interest you and what you like and dislike and what you would like to see more of.

Your Correspondent


2 Responses to “26. To My Readers (If there are any)”

  1. 1 FloridaVATeamLeader
    October 4, 2007 at 11:48 pm


    Don’t change a thing I like your sarcasm. I find your post most enjoyable and am learning alot even though I am not homeless. Keep up the good work and if I haven’t told you already Thanks For Your Service to this Country!!

    Teresa, Soldiers’ Angel

  2. 2 Raja29
    October 6, 2007 at 10:08 pm

    I agree! Don’t change a thing!! This has been very helpful for me.

    ~ Sarajane, Soldiers Angels

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