27. Urban Camping Lesson 2 / Right of Ways

Dear Wanderingvets, Veterans and Friends:
For those of you unwilling to enjoy nature and continue to dwell in city or parks here is a helpful suggestion to keep from moving in the night. I know sometimes our helpful law enforcement friends get a little bored and want to see what your sleeping form is up to (since you are non moving when spotted). So, camp next to a UTILITY POLE that has wires such as electricity and phone wires on it. Personally, when I am in a foul mood, I like to do this as close to the city limits sign where it says “Welcome to Wherever” The Best Place to Live! Nothing like a nice homeless body under that sign! But there is normally a utility pole there. As long as I am within 25′ (feet) of that pole I am safe from harassment by authorities normally unless they are really being anal. The reason for this is that I am in what is called a UTILITY EASEMENT. This is land granted and owned by the utility company. Now, naturally the Utility Police are not patrolling all of their easements and do not care and have not filed a complaint that you are sleeping under their pole. Now the Preferred Pole is at least greater than 35′ out from the center of the highway or street which is known as the RIGHT OF WAY. Stay out of the Right of Ways as that is where they can nail you. Remember the 35 Foot rule.

Have a Good Nap,
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