33. A Few Thanks To My Friends

There are Some Thanks I would like to hand out:

First to AnAmerican:
To all of you who think I am just this naturally talented brainiac..yes I am of course. Applause duly noted. Anyway, AnAmerican who has known me for years when I was a successful individual prior becoming a VA casualty (wow where do I get this stuff so early in the morning?) has been the one to help me with site design. AnAmerican has also taken on, besides a full time job, going behind me and trying to proof and edit my work (a second full time job as later I will read what I have re-read sometimes days later and be thinking ??) As neither of us know a lick about site counters or anything of the like, and I have all I can do just to keep from not running into the streets insane from reading statistics, AnAmerican handles the technical details and is learning more all the time, and doing remarkably well. We take seriously any ideas given to us!

To my Friend SLO Homeless :
Great articles! Also first person that offered a new blogger a break! Thanks for the contact! Your opinions are very valuable.

The Florida Soldiers Angels and the Soldiers Angels (not sure if I should mention first names here or initials) But thank you terribly for the support of your website, the information and the emails. You are a very valuable resource and keep it coming.

Thank you friends!


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