36.Hello From Tennessee

Dear Wanderingvets and Friends:
The other night I was laying in a field in Columbia, Tennessee about 60 miles outside of Nashville just being thankful this journey was nearly at its end. This journey has truly shown me that homelessness in general including veterans are the lowest caste in our society. This has been the worst journey one could have ever undertaken and I almost broke many times. All I could easily think about was how easy it is to become one of the 70% statistics under this stress (I kept hearing “Don’t go to the dark side Luke use the Force”). Oh there were many acts of charity along the way and I will write about these. There is one particularly dark day in Birmingham, AL that damn near took me from the highs of my mental accuity to feeling the lows of what mankind views of us and will do to us and were done to me. I have also found that there are to some veterans out there we are an embarrasment too. We are no longer part of the fraternity of the brotherhood of arms, as I watched a driver wearing his former E-5 stripes on his truckers hat that said these colors don’t run stand by while a helpless veteran was being harrassed, and then eyeballed him like he was a criminal. I guess to some we are. Of course though I was guilty once of the same crime too, so I cannot condemn as much as try to make others more aware. But on the worst day, when I was at the lowest and was looking for a hole to hunker down in, a ride came so unexpectedly after I had hiked about 4 or 5 miles in a hot Alabama sun with backpack and broken shoulder strap. It was a miracle. More on this later with all the details.


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