45. Birmingham Pilot Travel Center Revisited

Pilot Employee Abuses Homeless Veteran and Calls PoliceWackenhut 

Well, it seems as many of you received a “canned” response from Pilot Corp. regarding my incident with Pilot in Birmingham. It seems that Mr. Ken Parent values your business and considers us all a valued customer while blithely ignoring what you are writing about. It seems Mr. Ken Parent does not give a damn at all ,does it? I do not know how many emails he received on this issue, but I received many emails stating the same thing. After receiving the first canned message, I used the response code to reply, and it was returned to me from Pilot Corp. saying it was SPAM. So ,I sent the following to Mr. Ken Parent, Vice President of Marketing and Operations

Dear Mr. Ken Parent, Vice President of Marketing and Operations of Pilot Corp.
Did you even read the message that was sent to you? Are you even going to reply to the body of the original text? Here it is again for your leisurely reading.
This incident I am describing occurred the 7th of October 2007 at the Pilot Fuel Plaza on Highway 78 In Birmingham, http://wanderingvets.blogspot.com/2007/10/dateline-birmingham.html (though I pasted the actual text of the article here) . This is the third time I have tried to get a response from your company regarding this issue. Numerous other people have also tried to get a response from your company also to no avail other than to have your canned email back to tell them to have a nice day valued customer (or blow it out your butt) however you want to take it to mean. Will you ever respond? If you dear friends would like to try again or know of other means to contact them or Wackenhut Security, the guards name I found out is Ralph Miller and all of Wackenhuts contact numbers are on the Dateline Birmingham article as well as Pilot Corps. BUT, if you would like Wackenhuts here are their numbers including Ralph Millers supervisors: The Wackenhut Corporation (2100 Riverchase Center, Suite 220, Birmingham, AL 35244 (205) 988-9090) Captains Baker and Sparks, Jack Connor and Joe Joyner. Don Graham is the head of Pilots Security but I do not think he answers email either. You can try him at don.graham@pilottravelcenters.com but he is a silent soul. All that security I guess. Oh by the way he has my email address and I am sure my face on video surveillance footage both on and off premises.


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