47. Follow-up on Pilot Corporation

WackenhutPilot Employee Abuses Homeless Veteran and Calls Police

Dear Wanderingvets and Friends:

A friend of mine, a Marine Gunnery Sergeant from IL, sent me Ken Parents email address from Pilot Corp.!

It is ken.parent@pilottravelcenters.com so lets quit doing their website contact route. Start writing letters please. As Oldtimer said. We cannot let our heros be treated this way. If Pilot did this to one Veteran, they have done it to others.

I sent somethings directly to him and I did not get the valued customer letter back. Actually I have not recieved anything back. Just like from his chief of security.

I sent the following email to Ken Parent and Don Graham at PilotCorp. and to Wackenhut Security.

That your firms cannot even offer an apology or that Ken who is so quoted in how great their coffee is would not even offer to talk over one is highly suggestive of guilt over this issue. This is one of numerous emails that your firms have received on this matter. I will also publish this email on the website wanderingvet. com since I have to spell it out for Pilots spam filters. Pilots own internal employees in Knoxville were horified by this event, and supplied much inside information. Tennesse is the Volunteer State where your HQ is located and they have pride which you undoubtably do not have as you look at this matter as more a financial issue as opposed to a “we made a grievous mistake”. Don, Ken, and Wackenhut -you are hiding and when you look up your names on google you would be shocked to see the place under your names and vets or veterans. Your companies are an affront to anyone that wears or has worn a uniform in this nation. The actions your company participated in and allowed to happen by Mr. Panchoos of Pilot Travel Centers and Ralph Miller of Wackenhut Security on a Vet are a affront to Veterans everywhere. That you refuse to reply to anyone that has written to you with other than “Dear Valued Customer” is an insult to all.

We all await your reply.

(Ken gets a lot of press about how good their coffee is)


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