48. Not Looking Away

I have been behind the scenes on Wanderingvet’s blog ,stopping by to read about my friends’ homeless journey & providing technical help on his blog.. As I read the entries of this blog I am absolutely amazed at the turn of events that have forced my friend into the homeless population. To go from a life of a businessman in mainstream America to the life of a wandering homeless man is shocking . Then I realize, WanderingVet is just one of thousands out on the streets of our country. You see, I have never really thought about the plight of the homeless in our country and certainly have never realized the numbers of homeless veterans.

Most of us know in our hearts that the homeless are not so very different from us. They may be the victims of poor planning or an unavoidable crisis. Some of them are mentally ill, some are addicted to drugs or alcohol, and some are choosing to be homeless for reasons we may never understand. We can imagine that, given their lives, we would likely have ended up in the same place. This does not mean that we are meant to rescue them as they are on their own learning path, but it does remind us that we can treat them as equals, because that is what they are. Even if we aren’t able to offer food, shelter, or money, we can offer a blessing as we pass. We can look them in the eye and acknowledge our shared humanness, even if we don’t know how to help them. This simple act of kindness and silent or spoken blessings can be helpful to those living on the street.

If you want to help with information, you can learn about the services in your area and share the locations of food banks, shelters, and other resources which can be found through the links on this page. Whatever you decide to do, you will feel much better when you make a conscious choice not to simply look away.

AnAmerican makes this site possible. AnAmerican is my editor and lets me know if I am over the edge on something etc.  I have invited her to begin posting here as well. I feel these thoughts are very important being from the mainstream life as well.


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2 Responses to “48. Not Looking Away”

  1. October 23, 2007 at 12:59 pm

    AnAmerican you make a good point when you say that we may not be able to give then anything “material” when we see them… but the acts of good old fashioned human kindness is like what is said on the credit card commercials: priceless!

    Although the the dictionary categoriezes the word compassion as a noun it’s worthless until we turn it into a verb…

  2. 2 Charmain LaReau
    January 8, 2010 at 9:11 am

    I think all these giant castles these people call churches, that cover about 3 blocks, in any given southern town. Should provide housing for the homeless. After all isn’t that what Jesus would do. Most of these huge monstrosities are used hardly at all and just waste space and energy . Instead of judging. All of you that call yourselves Christian’s, should start using good judgement. Would your God Jesus look away. You send help to Africa, Mexico, and other foreign nations why not in your own home town. Stop judging and start using good judgment you hypocrites.

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