49. No Holding Back, Worthless Vets, The DAV Guy

Dear Wanderingvets and Friends:

While I was in Nashville, I saw tons of things there that I wished I had not. I saw a lot of kindness being bestowed on homeless veterans, and some of the veterans accepting the kindness with a cross between disdain and selfishness. I interviewed many of the veterans that attended the OSD in Nashville, I received various stories of how they arrived at the point of homelessness. I met some that truly deserved assistance and if given a little boost would get out of the hole they have found themselves in quite quickly. However,there were others there that were just happy with where they were in life. This last grouping I will call the “Worthless Homeless Veteran” or WHV for sake of this article.

I found many WHV’s at the OSD in Nashville. This group mainly showed up armed with a deck of playing cards. They sat at the tables and played cards non-stop. They took breaks to get in line for meals only. They did not go to any of the over 50 services represented. I asked one about the Department of Labor offering jobs and the reply I received was “$8.50 an hour is not going to get me off the streets”. I imagine his resume for the past few years was looking mighty impressive. When I asked others about the services another remarked “Same group as last year”. These WHV’s are doing nothing, and I feel they intend to do nothing, unless someone scoops them up, and is willing to bathe and feed their lazy butts. A lot of the WHVdo not have anything service connected illness or injusry at all wrong with them other than they were once a service member. They are not ill, they are lazy. Some are so overweight it is phenomenal. In my homelessness I can barely eat. While I was at OSD I had one hamburger in 5 meals and I felt guilty because they announced a food shortage. It actually angered me as a veteran looking at some of these jokers. While I was there, some of the WHV had their girlfriends, or whoever they were, come in and register as “Volunteers”. These “Volunteers” then smuggled in whatever the WHV needed to support his habit whether it was the drugs or alcohol that the WHV could not get through the gate himself. Volunteers were not searched for contraband. I picked up on this when I saw a “Volunteer” kissing a WHV goodbye.

The WHV clogs the VA system and is looking for a handout. I had one WHV tell me about a song he wrote that was supposedly published by a very famous band. He supposedly wrote this 25 years ago and neither the band or the singer know who this vet is (I was able to make contact). I have researched this and I cannot even find the name of the song he gave me. Oh and the band that recorded it is still famous today. This homeless veteran might be a millionaire after 25 years of royalties. There was a gentleman supposedly at ASCAP looking for this song and the credits for 5 years… how come he could not find it? I found it was not recorded. This Veteran could not spend the night at OSD though. He had a “Recording Assignment” the next morning. At OSD you have to stay clean and sober. By the way, he was severely disheveled.

Yes sometimes I am a little upset. I think I have a right to be. I am standing in line behind some of these WHV. When I show up, I am treated like crap by a few VA employee that sees my record as HOMELESS. Sometimes it is not their fault because they have limited access to records. But there is a certain Social Worker in Alabama that definitely needs schooled on dealing with the homeless, Right Ms. H?.

The DAV, you have offices in the VA hospitals and you pay staff members called service officers. Personally that has to be one tough job. The VA itself makes me wish I had a flame thrower at times. Yet when I was in TN at the OSD your head could not answer one single question I asked him. When I Identified myself and showed him my life member card, he only said “I am not familiar”. Actually when I showed I was a life member of the DAV, no one even bothered to say Hi, Hello, or go to Hell. The Head of the DAV looked like he wanted to flee (Here was a paid member!) The odd thing was I was talking to the number one man of the the TN DAV. He introduced everyone there from up on the stage and glad handed the group. He would not talk to me though. Right now, I want to take this silver DAV card and just cut it up. I have a long string of DAV correspondence stating their unwillingness to give me a ride to a hospital or referring me to a another post that is over a hundred miles away. (save your life membership money). You know what DAV and TN Commissions, if you are going to appoint people to a veterans commission, how about giving them some nuts and something to read besides their drivers license. DAV you should be ashamed. I personally expect less things from a government appointees but the DAV again sends Pols with no Balls. Resolution 13: Good Luck Homeless veterans since the DAV is not going to talk to you when you are looking them in the eye (just when the cameras are rolling). By the way, this same head of the DAV in TN was at OSD in Nashville for the two days I was there. He looked me in the eye the second day and just passed me by like I was nothing. Personally I tried to interview him on day one and when I asked him a question about homeless veterans he claimed he did not know the answer. Personally I cannot believe I gave $150.00 to the DAV and my DAV recruiter would roll over and die seeing what he sold me. (top recruiter from NC for numerous years in Greensboro)
Oh by the way, I have his Photo from Nashville here if he wants it published. I think It would make a great addition to DAV Magazine…by the way did you get my subscription cancellation? I did send it in announcing I was homeless. Funny I did not get an acknowledgement from them. I got one though when I changed my address when I had one.

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