51. This is a good thing! Why do I feel so bad?

This is a very good thing. I was reading my friend Oldtimers post and thought this is good so why did I feel so down reading this? This was great news! Its what I have yelled about before as a former Legionnaire (former Legionnaire that is due to lack of funds for this years dues . Anyone help a brother out?). I think it is great that an American Legion is going to turn space that is unused to house even if it is just ONE homeless veteran. I know this is not feasible for all American Legion Posts due to their buildings. But for those that cannot, maybe get together with another post that can and chip in with the costs to help defray it? I know this is crossing borders.

I have written harshly in the past about American Legions, VFW, and DAV on some aspects of their homeless veteran advocacy. You try to do great things, with broad sweeping goals and miss the homeless veteran you stepped over leaving your local posts after the great meeting you had on what you were going to do for the homeless vets at the convention. Did you ever think these were also former Legion, DAV, or VFW Members also?

I know that many readers have relatives of members of these organizations. I know some readers are members of these organizations. Yes, I have hammered you because I am also still a life member of the DAV, AL (membership lapsed due to current circumstances). I know some of these groups would like to parade my head on a pike.

If you want to know, I have even slept in your baseball diamond dugout because it was a safe place for the night. If you had caught me trespassing there I would imagine you would have called the cops . I never made a mess, and actually it was cleaner than when I arrived. I had to sleep there! I have slept under your bushes after your post closed, using the discarded “bingo” sign as a ground sheet. I have been embarrassed before when someone asked about my back pack, and have wanted to come inside for the camaraderie, but have not felt it anymore from your groups.

I have offered to speak about being a homeless veteran to all of the organizations at the LOCAL level and what is really needed. I have yet to be asked. I believe there are many level headed homeless veterans in every community that could be called upon to basically enlighten any post what the needs of the homeless veterans’ community . We are not all drunk, mentally disturbed handicaps the the VA says we are. To look at us you would never know because we have to hide our homeless identity.

This Legion Post in Connecticut makes me sad in the fact they are some of the few that are getting notoriety for acting locally. The fact that we publicize acting locally is what I realized made me tear up inside, and I had to sit down. It really shook me up. Alot has been bothering me of late (what? other than being homeless?)

Helping a homeless veteran does not happen from Washington, D.C., I can attest to that fact first hand. It can only happen in our local communities of veterans and friends. The people appointed and elected to serve the homeless veterans went home at 5pm, and yet the homeless veteran still has not eaten or found a place to sleep for the night. That was the job they have failed to accomplish year after year since time we can remember….remember?

We can only do this one homeless veteran at a time. I am always volunteering to be the first unless you need me out here. But one at a time can start in every small, medium and large community in this country.

When do we start?


1 Response to “51. This is a good thing! Why do I feel so bad?”

  1. October 24, 2007 at 1:58 pm

    I know what you mean about if something is good, how can it make you feel so bad… been there, done that, have the t-shirt and the souviener program as well.

    It’s a tragedy that more Veteran organizations and “social clubs” don’t do more to reach out and offer a helping hand to one of there own, but then again I guess their way of thinking has become contaminated by the majority of mainstream America…

    So much for “… with Liberty and Justice for All”

    Keep telling like it is…

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