52..An Inconvenient Truth…Cattle Drives

Driving out the homeless

I was talking to a friend of mine (also a homeless veteran) the other day on Al Gores Internet, and we were discussing how cities are trying to chase out the homeless, or at least make it harder on them more than it is now. He was harassed by rent a cops at a mall for sitting too long in one spot. In Las Vegas, it is illegal to feed the homeless in parks (I guess that is like not feeding the pigeons). In Los Angeles they tried banning the homeless from sleeping on the sidewalks (guess they need more shelters).

Where I am currently residing in New Mexico, there are a lot of fences over huge expanses of undeveloped land. I remarked about this to someone and they replied “This is free range land, we have to fence it to keep the cattle out or we would not have any grass”. It made me think of the old western movies about the “bob wire” and how the cowboys would fight and rip out the fences so their cows could get through. I also noticed out here also the Dept. of the Interior had put up fencing against free rangers .

It made me feel like I was free range cattle. That the homeless ,including all the homeless veterans (because we are included in the homeless number also), are being herded. Municipalities have realized that the Federal and State Governments are not doing a thing to assist the Homeless Veteran nor the Homeless at all. Municipalities then are in a Cattle Drive! ROUND ‘EM UP! MOVE ‘EM OUT!

The Municipalities are trying to herd the homeless out of their cities and towns. The cities and towns across America have passed Ordinances against homeless being able to Sleep, Eat, and Beg! In Raleigh, NC you have to go to City Hall and get a Pan Handling Permit! In the meantime, Governor Mike Easley of NC (just down the block from Raleigh’s city hall) took close to 1 million dollars from the VA for a feasibility study on a referral service for Veterans with substance abuse issues. His big idea is to refer them back to state and federal agencies! Lets stand in line for that one.

The funny thing about an Ordinance, is that it is passed by Boards. It was not voted on by the tax payers. It was not voted on by anyone with a conscience. So lets get the taxpayers who elected these boards and are allowing these ordinances to stand against HUMAN BEINGS, all to grab a pitch fork, and load all of this Homeless Humanity into Cattle Cars and dump them off the cliffs where all of your Municipal Leaders want us.

Well that cleaned up this mess. I can stop writing now



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