Tatoos & Beer

I was going to go to the VA Hospital. My Head has been really acting up again. I did not really feel like hitch hiking 78 miles either direction to the hospital to the east or the 60 miles to the closest VA Clinic. I am hitching along Old Route 66 by the way. What is a Homeless Veteran to do?Well the DAV does run shuttles. Most of the time they run them from American Legion or VFW Posts to the VA Hospitals and Clinics. I thought I might be smart and go to the local legion hall and ask someone.

I arrived at the American Legion Post (I will not divulge the post number for fear of their black leather clad retribution) and notice every beer poster and prices on the exterior. This is not the American Legion Post that I am used to where the American Flag is patriotically flying outside on the flag pole. Where there is a clean cut lawn, and patriotism is abounding. There is a gentleman standing guard (first time I had ever seen this) outside the Post door way eyeing me as I walked inside. There were red bar lights, a stage, a few other Post members? clad in black leather vests standing at the bar sipping longnecks. There is an odd whirring noise discernible over the music.I introduced myself as a lapsed Member. They guy behind the bar introduced himself as the Commander, of the Sons of the American Legion (for those of you who do not know who those are: The SAL are those that have not served in the military but have a qualifying father or grandfather who did serve and were or are a Full Legionnaire.) I am looking around the Post and wondering if anyone is a Full Legionnaire or was I the closest as a lapsed full member? So I paid for a longneck, and asked my question about the DAV Van.After the Commander of the SAL, who then was giving some napkins to someone behind me, I turned and looked, and BEHOLD a fully functional Tattoo machine was in use in the bar area! I was stunned! It was the first time I had seen one! I do not have any tattoos or been in a tattoo shop before. I did not know you could get drunk and get a tattoo in the same spot. I thought you had to get drunk and then with your buddies go get one down the street. Now I was thinking "what were the napkins for? to mop up blood?". I did not know you could give tattoos where alcohol is served. A new TV Series "AMERICAN LEGION INK".I thought it was time to get my wandering butt out of there. You really can get your kicks on Route 66.Personally if I was a Commander in the American Legion of any Post I would want to go in there personally and Jap Slap the hell out of all of them. I was seeing red myself and it was not just their bar lights. Though in retrospect maybe the SAL is the Post Commander's own SON?<BR><div class="statcounter"><a href="http://www.statcounter.com/" class="statcounter"><img src="http://c2.statcounter.com/3158054/0/038d9984/0/" alt="website statistics" class="statcounter" /></a></div>
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1 Response to “53. AMERICAN LEGION INK”

  1. August 19, 2008 at 4:37 pm

    I am the Chaplain of the Nassau County Vietnam War Veterans Assos. in New York.
    Along with Nassau County Veteran Services and several other vet groups we do two standdowns a year where we service homeless vets. We get mant of the county services to make themselves available along with the VA. We provide food, clothing, a hot meal, showers and haircuts. We try to find shelter for each one.
    We service about 500 a year.
    I know of only 35 standdowns throughout the country and three of them are here on Long Island.
    There is so much we can do as veteran organizations for our brothers.

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