54. Sleeping Bag Survival Tips: Warmth / Looking Well Dressed

I was asked by AnAmerican to put in more Survival Skills

Here are a few for inside your sleeping bag.

For warmth:

Since most sleeping bags do not do well near a fire and melt easily besides anywhere you make a fire calls out the fire brigade, police and rangers here are some tips.

You can throw inside your sleeping bag your towels, wash clothes, t-shirts, underwear for additional insulation. This creates better barriers on those extra cold nights and since our underwear does not show as our outerwear it does not matter if it is wrinkled.

For Dress and warmth:

Neatly fold pants and shirts and lay them under your body between you and the bottom of the sleeping bag. Pants folded as if you were trying to make the crease down the center of the pants leg. Shirts folded as with the arms to be creased with the arms folded over the flat face of the shirts long ways. This will create neater pressed clothes. You will definitely look better and after an hour of morning wear the additional wrinkles will come out from your body’s additional heat.

It is important to look neat in life. You never know where our next breaks are coming from and our events happen by the minute when we are homeless.

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