57..What Day Is This?


Dear Wanderingvets and Friends:

Time Marches on day by day. I have had an interesting day. This morning I awoke feeling fine ,I thought. I had a job to do staining steps. First thing out the gate I forgot the stain after being reminded. A few minutes later, the day was swirling. I could not concentrate or focus on the job. I realized when I was trying to figure out what to do next on this simple chore, I was in trouble. To the Homeless Veteran, one day is the same as the other. I could not remember what was the last day I had taken my anti-seizure medications on. I did not know what day it was. I do not have a watch any longer. When the battery went dead, I could not afford to have it fixed. I cannot really tell you what day or date it is. I measure everyday by whether I have a job to do that day, or if I have money for food or not.

So when I was in a blur wondering if this was going to be a seizure, I was thinking “What Day Is This?”.

My Days are more sun up to sun down. I know that when I see the Eastern Star in a certain portion of the sky how many hours it is until day light. I know to sweep the ground around where I lay my gear down for the night to eradicate animal feces to protect my health. I have to check for animal burrows, ant trails and hills, other people, and a myriad of other things before sleeping. In the mornings, I have to pack and hide my gear. During the day I have to fret that someone finds my belongings or carry my 55 pounds of belongings to a job site. Then depending on how long they work me repeat all of the above.

Because of all of this I sometimes end up forgetting my medications. Some of you that read my blogs probably think I am off them often, and truthfully I probably am more off than on. Sometimes I might have even taken them twice in a day. To say I sleep well is to say I barely do some nights. When I do sleep I cannot tell you how long it was for. Five minutes? Five Hours? Was that a sound that woke me up? This is a Homeless Veterans night.

During my day, I will hang out where I can get some sort of wireless signal but sit outside a lot so I am unobtrusive and out of the way. I do not want to be noticed actually. Lonesomeness though is hard on the homeless veteran. Comradeship is something a homeless veteran does not get a lot of. When we are seen carrying all of our worldly goods, people walk away, or avert their eyes if they cannot do anything else. I had someone ask me if I was a hiker. I said “No I am a Homeless Veteran” and they turned scarlet and mumbled something and walked off. Luckily today though, someone who has seen me around realized I was in trouble. They could tell by the look on my face and my stiff gait something was wrong and aided me. When I explained what I thought may have occurred, they bought me one of those pill boxes that have the compartments for the days of the week. There are still fine people on this earth. Now I know “What Day It Is”.

I wonder what this planet would be like if all of us woke up one morning and looked at each other and had to ask “What day is this?”

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5 Responses to “57..What Day Is This?”

  1. November 1, 2007 at 1:52 pm

    The little pill compartments are often the first clue to me what day it is too. They are also an early reminder to buy some more when filling a new week and the bottle runs dry. I don’t have serious problems but I know if I don’t take my pills, I will have them.

    How do you get your prescriptions filled “on the road?”

    Take care, frost is on the pumpkin and heavier gear is going to be needed soon!


    I had a great doctor at the last VA Hosptial I was at. He loaded me up with a few months supply since of my meds. It is bulky to be carrying around though. That did lead to my confusion though as I had all of these pills and cannot tell as I would normally be when I was getting low. I have to walk in to the pharmacy at the VA’s for refills for a refill. That is a hassel though. As the one medication that I am on is at such a high level, I am at times required to have new bloodwork drawn for checking. That means I am often caught in the larger cities which I hate.

    Speaking of frost on the pumpkin, it has been in the twenties at night here for a few weeks now. That is why I did the article on cold weather sleeping already.


  2. November 1, 2007 at 3:14 pm

    To the Utah Soldier Angels: Thank you for the generous offer of assistance!

    If it was not so cold there you could almost make me move there from here. I would appreciate it if you would donate it to one of the Homeless Veterans and has a job and shows up for your Operation Stand Down this weekend. It would really make a difference in his life too. I get a lot of uplifting support from faraway from the Utah State VA Soldier Angels and I am so grateful for your emails and support. You do make a difference to me and help keep me writing when I feel down.


  3. 3 Jeff
    November 1, 2007 at 6:45 pm

    Hey Wanderingvet,

    I’m a friend of a friend of yours in Morrisville, NC. I’m with you in spirit, my friend, as you carry your laptop in my PC bag I gave our friend to give to you. Your posts are my first read every morning. I, too, am a veteran and I have come to great realizations about myself and others from your very candid posts. The reason I’m writing today is my concern for your well-being, as your recent post reveals the seriousness of your health matters. I know you try to avoid the big cities, but that is where the VA facilities are and where treatment can be rendered to you. I urge you to seek out what you need, in order that you can best continue with your admirable crusade. Best, Jeff

    Thank you for the Bag!
    I never knew who it came from and I want to thank you for how many times it has saved the Laptop! I have done some rough travelling and been tired and just dropped my backpack. Yes, I forgot the meds at times and the fear of the cities is a hinderance. But being outside cities also prevents ill will at times. I have found Good will, No will and Ill will. There is all three out here and more of the latter two than the first. I am going to write more of the first though. Jeff your Goodwill though you did not even know me and your friends goodwill still weighs heavily on my heart. Because the good will of friendship as displayed by you and those that do not even know me is still miraculous. I am taking better care of myself as of today. Thank you friend. It is amazing as I have not thought of the miles from NC to NM. My email is Wanderingvet@gmail.com and anyone is able to reach me at anytime. Your gift is still valued and your thoughts are valued friend.


  4. 4 Jeff
    November 1, 2007 at 11:14 pm

    Hey Wanderingvet,

    It is very good to hear that you are taking better care of yourself. YOU must be your first priority. Do not for a second harbor a heavy heart over my or our mutual friend’s actions, as they were offered with good will and the best of intentions. As you probably know, our mutual friend has the biggest heart of all and would ask in return only that you take the best care of yourself possible. Again, I am glad to hear of your recommitment to yourself and your well-being. Best, Jeff

  5. 5 Jill Kelly
    November 2, 2007 at 1:59 pm


    Your North Carolina connection is strong! Just a mere 2,000 miles between us! Jeff and I (and several others) were introduced to your site by our mutual friend here in the Triangle area. How much more aware we have all become, not only to those vets on the street corners but to the searching out information about the homeless plight of our country’s heroes.

    Please know that the candor in your posts does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Your message is needed. Please move forward by taking the absolute best care of yourself possible, as it was very troubling to all of us to read your recent post. Your health is and should be your first priority, so please attend to it fully so that we can all continue to count on your frank advocacy.

    Jill Kelly

    Thank You Jill…you and Jeff and JoAnnes Support Is so meaningful Hope she shares my mountain hangout photos with you.


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