58. Homeless Veterans 1987-2007

265123370.jpgLast night I went to sleep thinking about all of the homeless in our land. All of the articles I have read on shelters, being full or not used as one I have heard about in Pennsylvania, Veterans sleeping on the streets, pictures of homeless sitting on the sidewalks, increasing unemployment, foreclosures and thought that the pipeline of homelessness just keeps filling itself in one end by the bucket loads with success stories off the streets being mere trickles.

I found this press release from the VA in 1997 and had been saving it not really knowing how to use it. In 1997 the VA stated they had 5,500 transitional and/ or permanent beds for homeless veterans. In this report there were 200,000 Homeless Veterans of which they miraculously employed 40%! That equates to 80,000 jobs! And then another miracle occurred, another 80,000 found stable housing! And then the AVERAGE VETERAN served by the VA DOUBLED his INCOME!. WHEW, the VA were SUPERMEN from 1987 to 1997. I wonder what happened and why it stopped.? They were doing so much with so little!

I reread the new CHALENG Report and it defintitely looks woe-some. It is amazingly bad since a lot of the grades in this report are given by the service providers themselves. Page ten of the report is how they graded themselves overall on their services. Now it looks good, unfortunately it is a combination of State and Federal agencies. On the States side of the coin the homeless veterans are flying space available. That means that on the state side, that there are no guaranteed services for homeless veterans. That the states will use for any homeless or other, and if they have space for a homeless veteran then they will take him or her or their family. That is not included in this report though (have to hide that fact). So there are still times when there are “No Beds For The Homeless Veterans”. That is called shortfall, and the shortfall is greater than what is presented before Congress. So this is really just a fluff piece. It may have some accuracy but not alot.

I have a hard time following the logic of this system. I know I cannot find any help from the VA other than for my medical needs. I am trying to help myself and others when I find other homeless veterans to get out of this hole we have found ourselves in. When I look at these reports, I see a system that is being triaged incorrectly. I think if someone at the VA sat back and said “Hmmm this is not working, has not worked, and I guess will not work”, that person would be a genius. Of course he would be fired on the spot too. A friend of mine who also writes, wrote an article Called “Butter Knives” on SLOHOMELESS (you can find his link here on my site). He basically stated: If you use a butter knife to turn a screw, you are only going to end up damaging the knife and the screw. I have not forgotten that analogy. Maybe if someone at the VA could put a program together that actually knew what homelessness is, for medical treatment, shelter, employment etc… then we would get homeless veterans off the streets.

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  1. November 3, 2007 at 3:18 am

    Thank you. Thank you.

    Your Welcome. Read Brat’s Site She has some interesting Things in support of the Global War on Terrorism.


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