59. Veterans Job Preferance Myth

3208091020.jpgDear Wanderingvets and Friends.

I want to clarify a myth in regards to Veterans Job Preferance. This is a myth that recruiters have sold us soldiers, sailors and airmen across the desks for years without explaining correctly.

You see, we have all heard the term “Veterans Preferance”. We all thought it meant when we applied for a job, because we served our country, we were to be first considered for any job we applied for. Whenever we filled out any work application, it always asked us if we were a veteran, our branch, rank, date of discharge, type of discharge. Well guess what? They were asking dummy questions getting you to fall for the Type of discharge.

There has only really been a Veterans Preferance for GOVERNMENT HIRING. Civil Service was the only place where there ever has been a Veterans Preferance. For years I was fooled by this myth. Actually I am disappointed. I only recently found out I am only qualified for any advanced status as a Veterans Preferance if I accept FOOD STAMPS. I have qualified for Food Stamps being homeless. It is a blow to my pride to actually have to accept them. I was told I qualify for $85.00 a month. Funny though it is according to my life time Social Security Statement if I died today my heirs would recieve $2,424.00 if I had any. But I live in a sleeping bag. Too bad I do not have kids and was born here legally!

I have not accepted them so far. I have subsisted from working with my hands or not eating. That Serving my country and getting a Preferance for it is a Myth is a blow to my Pride. That I took a back seat to others in business and allowed them to get a head of me job wise might not have been the best career decision I ever made. I wonder where my peers are now compared to me. I am still proud of my service, the soldiers I served with and would not trade my 11 years for anything on this planet! I am sorry about the administrations since the forming of the military that have mistreated their military so badly.

If you do not believe me go to any company website like Walmart.com, Lowe’s, The Home Depot, on your home computers and start filling out their online job applications and you will see what I mean.


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1 Response to “59. Veterans Job Preferance Myth”

  1. 1 Mike Barrington
    November 3, 2007 at 8:04 pm


    I agree that this nor any other administration has treated us veterans fairly. I applaud your efforts to bring this matter to light, but question your doing so at your own personal expense as related to not accepting needed services righteously owed you. You do not want to be perceived as a martyr, but rather as an individual who has worked within the system provided and brought to light its absurdities. The system will give you food stamps, but not a job or a roof over your head. That is absurdity. Do not starve yourself to prove this absurdity nor cause yourself ill health to do so. That will defeat your true mission.

    Just my two cents, Mike B.

    Thank you Mike.

    I do work everyday. It is mainly odd jobs at the moment. I have over 60 applications currently out there including excericising my 10 point preference with the federal government. Unfortunately I cannot manage a fast food restaurant because I am not bilingual in spanish just german since I needed that one for our NATO counterparts once. Yes I should accept them, but the day I was in there to get them, I became so enraged that every illegal immigrant was entitled to more services than I was, I broke down. That day at the department of Social Services, I was told to stand in line to await my food stamp card and was handed a list of charities. Here I was a veteran. Pablo was getting section 8 voucher, food stamps and welfare and I was shaking so bad I walked out of there.


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