60.The VA’s Men At Work

VA At Work

I was reading my friend SJ’s website the other day the and she had posted a news release about 10 Recovery Coordinators for returning injured soldiers from the war on terror being assigned to five VA Hospitals. This made me feel sad thinking the VA needed further help in doing their jobs. Then I went to the Department of Veterans of Affairs Web Site (this is something I must never do in my delicate health state, since it causes Veterans Affairs Traumatic Stress Disorder, VATSD).

She must not have quoted the whole article for my delicate health since I found the whole article and the part she missed was….

“These federal recovery coordinators are in addition to 105 patient advocates VA has hired, trained and put in place since June 2007. Those advocates, most veterans of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, ensure a smooth transition of wounded service members through VA’s health care system, while also cutting red tape for other benefits.”

I, to say the least, was bereft of the logic of the whole article and was feeling sort of queasy being on the cutting edge lately of Red Tape Cutting. I am sort of worried for my wounded comrades coming back from the front with serious injuries by the Department of Unreal Affairs feeling that cutting and streamlining red tape involves adding 115 employees.

I guess in my limited view of idealism, cutting and streamlining red tape might include getting rid of bureaucracy, uneeded go betweens, uneeded reviews, if a soldiers’ arm is missing maybe forgetting an exam to make sure it is missing, If the soldier is stressed out and showing signs of PTSD, guess what it probably is! Quit jerking the Warriors around.! 115 new employees is not cutting red tape, its just blue tape, green tape or a band aid. Veterans Affairs, You do this in every department you have and you do not make it any better. You just created someone else to start the paper trail. You add someone to the paper chain and you just made it longer not shorter! Who did you take out of the line? NO ONE. Who did you ADD? SOMEONE! I am glad the VA are not the field Medics, but of course if they were, there would not be a VA.

Who do you pay there to come up with this? Can I get a job there? Maybe I can save someones career and proof read and write press releases. What the VA could do to impress me is write the press release where they fired 115 people that were not doing their jobs and these 115 people are the cutting edge of the New VA dedicated to new Ideals, not just added to the VA trying to clean up their already unimagineable mess. I believe in the VA and its noble foundings and idea. Unfortunately it has become so skewered by trying to save money over the years it has become a funding nightmare in itself. It wastes more money on overhead in administration than it spends on the healthcare and pensions of servicemembers. It spends more justifying the why nots than the whys. Why is that? For an agency that is there for the veteran, why is it so loathed by the servicemembers that it is supposed to serve? The red tape was put in place to automatically deny veterans claims. Everyone knows it. The VA for years hired insurance exectives that taught this method of denial. Its funny since the VA doctors reccomended and diagnosed the illnesses how the boards could deny the claims anyways. Mystifying isn’t it? Anyhow that is another article for another time. The only way to reduce the red tape is to reduce the over abundance of rules. I guess that would be too simple though. Adding another person and adding a rule for it to go through that department is just Red Tape.

So where is my Department of Red Tape Reduction?


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2 Responses to “60.The VA’s Men At Work”

  1. November 4, 2007 at 8:59 pm

    I’m glad that posting the article helped spark another article for you. I’m sorry it riled up your VATSD, but atleast it helped!

  2. November 9, 2007 at 3:05 pm

    I can barely contain myself. A rational, thinking human being! Logical. Hold on a minute, I think I’m going to faint. Or maybe cry, because if there is one of you, maybe there are more. People who can see what is going on and are not led by the “laws” of political correctness, or by politicians with haircuts that have been perscribed by studies done to nth degree to appeal to the masses. It takes a special kind of stupid to cut red tape by adding more red tape to the red tape they are trying to cut, doesn’t it?
    It’s almost Veteran’s Day. Let me say Thank You. For doing what you did, for living through it, for coming back, and basically for being who you are.
    If you ever travel to the east coast, let me know. I’d love to shake your hand.

    Well Former Sen. Dole and Former HHS Secretary Shahala came up with this brain child. I just pointed out the flaws in the plan. I was just a volunteer while I am sure they recieved some sort of compensation for creating the 115 Jobs there.


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