67.Wanderingvet For Congress

2845929548.jpgA while ago I had written two articles…”Point Man” and “Homeless Veterans As A Cause“. These came to mind as I was getting a lift during one of my hitch hiking sprees and I overheard a news cast about one of the Congressional Wars. The radio announcer was talking about that the Democratic Majority was blocking a VETERANS BILL from passing in the house of representatives…..

Well, me and the person driving started discussing this. I mentioned that Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker had been on television saying congress needed to do better. To me it is funny that none of our elected officials ever tell us what they are voting on. I remember as a kid, I was sort of like the Alex Keaton style kid, I read everything. I remember when our Congressman would actually use his “Franking Privilege”. To those of you who have not seen that in over twenty years, this was where your Congressman or Senator wrote to you for free mailing and told you what he or she was up to besides messing with your dollars and sense. You see as Congressmen and Senators you get free postage!

They at one time told you what was going to be voted on, or how they intended to vote, and how it was going to help you or the district or state. WOW, when was the last time you heard them or even knew what was going on in the District of Columbia regarding YOU? Now the Democrats, remember Hillary Clinton is a Democrat, are also screwing with VETERANS. Thank you also Nancy Pelosi. Women Veterans I know would be very angry as well. Now unless the Democrats want to add a billion dollars to Veterans funding I do not see the problem with passing a bill for Veterans. Oh she did this because she wants Mr. Bush to surrender in Iraq. So she spited all the G.I.’s to do it. Thank You Majority Leader Ms. Pelosi. Oh well back to my campaign.

Well, since I have been elected the leading Candidate for the Seat of the Homeless Veterans, I have accepted the nomination.

Now since I guess I will not be paid, or have an office, nor a staff this leads me to some consternation.

So I decided to buy the permit to set my office up in a tent across from the White House with the rest of the daily protesters, for this I will need the permit fees. I will not need any diplomatic security though since I will be set up across from the White House, I am sure the Secret Service will be keeping close eye on me. I expect the funding for my seat in Congress will cost about $18.00 a day (2 Happy Meals, A few Political Fund Raising Cups of Coffee). This will stretch the VA’s Homeless Veteran budget considerably from the daily $1.37 so I expect no help from them. I will also need website support. I intend to allow my constituents to vote via Internet. Or you could just come by my tent and tell me how you feel about it, I do not mind that either if you do not have an available internet signal. Oh darn, we need more money, for a Post Office Box for mail ins, (this is getting expensive). I imagine though, I will have the largest district of any representative and should be taken seriously. That is pretty sad that I will have more constituents isn’t it? I will post what is being voted on and I would expect my followers to post a Yea or Nay vote. Since I will be different from my esteemed colleagues, I want my constituents to know what is going on. I will be there to serve my constituents. Unfortunately, since my constituents have no addresses I cannot effectively use my franking privilege (except to homeless shelters and non profit agencies) if elected. Not that I would be recognized by my esteemed colleagues anyway and would still have to live in a tent as the unpaid representative. That should keep me out of corruption scandals easily unless a sudden appearance of a Coleman logo on my tent arouses a Congressional Oversight Investigation into my finances, or my pan handling activities is illegal campaign fund raising and they decide to remove me.

Anyhow, it is pretty sad that the Homeless Veteran has to scrape, fight, shout, and be represented by advocates. You would think that our elected leaders would out of goodwill, want to take care of its warriors. Thank You Nancy Pelosi for demonstrating that you personally are responsible as the leader of the Majority of the House of Representatives, for splitting Congress on this Veterans Funding Bill which also included funding for Homeless Veterans. Nancy, the next time you are on the Today show telling America that Congress’s low approval ratings are the fault of Congress and that you are working as the leader to make them better, we all will now see that is a lie. You do not care either, you work for your party the Democrats and do not care about The People You SERVE.

Your Servant,


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3 Responses to “67.Wanderingvet For Congress”

  1. November 14, 2007 at 6:38 am

    I’ll vote for you. Registering the homeless is a problem though as many of you have no legal address and thus no district they can be assigned to.

    You won’t need a permit as you will have an office, staff, use of the gym, salary, pension, etc. Set for life. Live in the office, they will give you a cot.

    Barack Obama at a town hall meeting said this: “We’ll set up a new supportive services program to prevent at-risk veterans and their families from sliding into homelessness. We’ll stand with veterans in their hour of need, just as they have stood up for us.” See story on my site, search for “Obama” there.

    I think Nancy’s problem is that she is still in the deer-in-the- headlights mode and doen’t know what to do except make noise. Congress doing nothing as a result.

  2. November 14, 2007 at 2:33 pm

    Here’s my vote: Aye!

  3. November 14, 2007 at 8:38 pm

    Trying to help you get your voice heard so you can accomplish great things for homeless vets everywhere!

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