68.We Kill More Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen At Home Than On The Battlefields


I wrote earlier this month about the lack of Veterans Preference in hiring other than in the Federal Government. I read on a chat site where someone said the that article that I had written on this subject was demoralizing. Why is that? Why is what I wrote demoralizing?

Is it because the U.S. Government condones: Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Sears, and every other employer in this nation get off on putting a veteran second? When every teenager that became pregnant with illegitimate children, everyone else that made a bad life decision, or illegal border crosser with a Tax ID and food stamps gets put in front of a veteran is fair? Everyone that went to college and did not serve, everyone that did something else besides give time to their nation deserves more than the men and women that did? Tell me I am a sick weirdo. Tell me I have missed the bus here.

I invite anyone to say that they deserve more than a woman or man that has worn a uniform for this nation. I want someone to put in writing, that having not served this nation, they deserve their job more than a veteran does. Ok that might be a little overboard, because we have an all volunteer force. But without that all volunteer force there would be a good chance that our schools would be blown apart or we would be saying the Pledge of Allegiance to the Koran.

Could you imagine our media? Imagine if there was veteran preference in hiring for desk anchor at CBS, NBC, an ABC Nightly News and a Veteran was the nightly anchor. Woo Hoo! There would be a difference in how the news from Iraq was reported and I bet the Presidents Approval Rating would increase!

We ask our soldiers to defend our country’s schools, malls, business centers etc. That way we can, work, go to school, shop, eat and sleep safely! You ask him to guard our borders to prevent illegal immigration because you are mad at that too!

Now the Volunteer has put himself 4 years behind the non volunteer in today’s job market, Is that fair? He is now older than his peer group competing for the same job. He has a wife and kids. He probably has higher bills also to add to his combat fatigue that the VA says he does not have. He is now told that his job skills serving his country do not match up with what is required for any job (you are right, checking for car bombs is hard to put on a resume). Pretty soon the volunteer and his family are on food stamps, and in a shelter because he cannot get a job. If he or she is single, get a sleeping bag since you are now homeless. Who should have gotten a JOB PREFERENCE? We have always treated the Veteran like dirt. I invite you to look at any retailers online job application or look at your store clerks. Say hello to them and ask them some questions. Even though the welfare to work program ended the states continue the welfare tax breaks etc. I have read the programs and they are easily researched. This is a crime. Yes I may be on a roll here, but some things in this country must come to an end. With veteran homelessness increasing and yes folks it has been an unending struggle, when will someone see the light and say….gee VA and Congress do you think we might try to help these guys out? What you have been doing the last twenty years is more damaging than helping?

This country has done one thing for the Volunteer Soldier, Sailor and Airman. It has continually put him behind those that you charged him to stop. Every Terrorist and Illegal Immigrant has more money spent on him than the care or consideration of a former Volunteer Soldier, Sailor or Airman. Just think we spend between $25,000 to $35,000 a year to house, feed and pay for college degrees for inmates in prisons!

Someone told me one time that they were afraid to stop and help. I understood it completely coming from this woman. It was a sad confession coming from a kind person. There are veterans on the streets that have been out there so long scraping for survival that have given up hope and that are almost beyond help now. We have lost so many to the streets it is sad. There are so many that have served honorably, that are now gone mentally and physically. To look around at what has happened is devastating to me. I see it first hand and sometimes I do not know what to do. It kills me inside. I get so mad, sad, depressed, angry. What happened here? Why were these people lost? I know they had Social Security Numbers, Service Records, VA Files, What Happened? Not all of these men and women were faking something? I think of the lost colony. It is like the living dead some of these men and women. We have these Operation Stand Downs. The one I saw was more like a catch and release program. Maybe I am too compassionate in this. I just wanted to take some of these guys and make them stay. Keep the site open and treat these men. Thanks again Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi for stalling that Veterans Funding Bill! Just what are you thinking by the way?

I know it is not your fault reader personally. I have just found myself at the bottom reporting things back to the top.


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3 Responses to “68.We Kill More Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen At Home Than On The Battlefields”

  1. 1 Lori
    November 15, 2007 at 5:03 pm

    Demoralized?? Who but someone who has taken the right of a veteran would say that is demoralizing?? Might this person be an illegal alien sympathizer? Might this person have gotten a job over a veteran? Might this person be in denial that the truth of what you say has put them in a state of refusal to see the truth??

    Soldier on my friend….never doubt you aren’t bringing things to light. The comment left by “demoralized” person is proof that folks are questioning themselves and their beliefs. Let there be controversary…let there be those who don’t support because they merely need to open their mouths and help YOU prove your case!!

    Keep it up!

    From one of your biggest supporters!!

  2. November 15, 2007 at 8:58 pm

    There are many who want to help, but aren’t sure how or where to get started. It is overwhelming. Thats why you need to keep writing, no matter what anyone says about your posts. We need someone who thinks outside the VA box to help us get started.

  3. 3 An American
    November 16, 2007 at 5:07 pm

    “I know it is not your fault reader personally. I have just found myself at the bottom reporting things back to the top.”

    I find the persepctive offered by your observations to be a window into the workings of our broken system. There is much in the news lately about expansion of veteran services for the increase in mental disorders that are rising sharply due to the trauma our service men and woman are facing. The VA toot their horn by offering expansion of mental health personnel BUT I wonder if in doing this they also address the need for long term social services to allow for our vets to be reintegrated into the civilan community??
    You see..I believe that as a community it is our obligation to to assure that we not only handle our military with long term career options but that those who are employeed as VA employees have a real”pulse” on the needs of the population who they supposedly serve. And yes,as a tax payer, I do find it both demoralizing and downright shameful that we are focusing our efforts on those who have no proven history of service with our country. Quite simply,it is time to look after our own and your unique insight provides an otherwise lost voice of a population who deserves more attention.

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