70.What The Homeless Veteran Needs

Stand Down For Homeless VeteransIn my travels and travails I have come upon some basic needs of the system.

From the Veterans Administration:

A clearly defined path to administer to the homeless veteran. A dedicated means through the “Continuum of Care” (their favorite buzzword it seems) to administer and treat the homeless veteran community. I have an idea here that I will present later.

A sheltering plan that does not take six months to get into. Current domiciliary program has a waiting list of that minimum. Current Shelters do not allow homeless veterans anywhere near amount time to “hang around”. Most homeless veterans tend to drift off and become uncontactable in that time.

I hate to say it but I see a lot of wastefulness in land and money not used by the VA. I see monies not granted in the Grant Provider Programs. I see lush beautiful lawns at VA Hospitals. I have an idea! The Social Workers and the VA will hate me for even thinking of it.

Hire some of the best of the Homeless Veterans you can find (of course with current federal hiring processes this will take over a year) with qualifications. They are out there with degrees as well. These will be your administrators in charge of order, administrating medical records, who’s in and out, just like any VA facilitator.

Set up tents and cots on the grounds! This is strictly for homeless veterans. There should be some sort of meal type card for discounted meals or free meals from the cafeteria. The VA should not be a for profit business. Why is there a STARBUCKS in Every VA now? Who owns that franchise? (I tried ordering just an American coffee in there and they looked at me like I was stupid.)  Of course they still have the machine that sells cold watered down dreck as well. Your choice. Anyways, with the tents on the grounds, imagine all the job training, rehabilitation, social working, reintegration, oh the joy of working with the men and women the VA says it cannot find corralled in their fences in their grasp…….Oh they do not want that, they do not want to do it. Lets face it, if they had it they would have to deal with it, acknowledge it. They just hate acknowledging that they created a monster. Because once they acknowledge it then you have to fight the monster.

Maybe, have one day a month like on a Sunday where all the homeless veterans have their services like MRI’s and CAT scans scheduled. If they all have to be there at the same time, they tend to get there together. The homeless if scheduled piecemeal tend to not make their appointments. If sent as a group they tend to arrive. The key is to get them there. The homeless veterans are the ones needing help the most. They do not have loved ones looking out for them. They look out for each other, they are each others loved ones, when they have each other. That is why I think putting homeless veterans overwatching other homeless veterans is a system of caring that would work. They get on each others butts and nerves. Brothers watching out for other brothers. That is where the compassion begins and ends folks. Our system sure has not shown it for sure.

Imagine, they could add 115 administrators to the “Continuum Of Care” to treat wounded returning soldiers which I do think they should add as many more doctors and nurses and not administrators to that function as that seems to be where they are lacking is medical personnel. But for over 200,000 homeless veterans, we cannot even get one pup tent, or as my friend oldtimer shows enough for a cup of coffee and a mint.

It Should Be Operation Stand Down EveryDay At A VA!


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2 Responses to “70.What The Homeless Veteran Needs”

  1. November 18, 2007 at 4:19 pm

    What a great idea! The tent city in-your-face concept has worked wonders in many cases. In France for example, and in many places in this country. It is like blunt force trauma for the local governments and suddenly they wake up and do something about it. A few thousand homeless veterans that show up in front of the Lincoln Memorial or camped out in front of the VA might be seen as civil disobediance by some, but Lord, what press it would make!

    Generally public figures and prominent activists take up residence in support of the homeless often after the first skirmish where the tents are forcefully removed. In some cases, advocate city council and state government officials have joined in overnight stays. What often happens is first the city tears down the tents and scatter the homeless, then the video clips start fueling the net and the news and suddenly the tents go back up, donated by local and regional activists. The govenment soon capitulates.

    But then these stories are local homeless, organized by word of mouth. How do you mobilize a national group with no known address?.

    I also like the concept of the VA actually hiring the homeless to handle whatever they can handle! If the VA claims they are capable of working, let them prove it.


  2. 2 August
    November 19, 2007 at 6:21 pm

    I’m a homeless vet and when asking for help they said when was your last drink; I told them three weeks ago. That set them in motion: Full blown alcohol DETOX and never ending 12 step religion 24/7; before ANY REAL HELP! I went WHAT! No thanks!

    Dear August,

    My Friend I am learning that we may have to start rolling with some of the punches to get out of the hole we are finding ourselves in. The only way out is to band together. Unfortunately, our brotherhood does not want to get together or line up for anything other than for lunch. It takes leaders to bring us together. Get others like you to bring our friends together and discuss these things and stay in touch. Please contact me.


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