77.Wanderingvets Precarious Toehold In Society

Dear Friends:

Well I have a part time job. I would have taken full time but currently all they had were part time and I was in no position not to accept the $210.00 a week. Of course I am having to look elsewhere for more work if I want to afford to eat, have a place to live with water, electricity, furniture, deposit etc.. but it is a place to start.

Of course, with a backpack, limited clothing, a college education, I was sort of looked at askance. Like I was sort of a conspiracy or a plant to get people on the loading docks in trouble. People keep their distance from me still because I speak with an above average vocabulary, do not use cuss words, do not use street slang or even understand it.

My employers were disappointed when they realized I was not on FOOD STAMPS! I had to sign a form that I was not a WELFARE TO WORK CANDIDATE. This company’s news letter proudly states that they have employed over 67,000 welfare to work people in the last ten years. It said nothing about hiring veterans at all in this letter.

I am unloading trucks 30 hours a week now to eat. I am happy to do it. It beats trying to find the odd jobs, though the odd jobs did pay better at times when I was not getting stiffed on the labor. At least though on the odd jobs at times I did get to do laundry there and free lunches. I have to find a better job but this is a start.

I did this myself, no organizations assisted me in finding a position. I have been to enough of them to realize they are not getting off their keisters to help. I did what I normally do, went from door to door in plazas filling out applications and was hired because I am big, fit, and strong looking.

A friend of mine who I have never met yet from Soldier Angels who I am finding to be a great bunch of dedicated women for Soldiers and Veterans has taken me under her wing to say and is going to introduce me to someone in one of the alphabet orgnanizations to help me with my VA paperwork. This is the most help I have ever received! Imagine and I never paid dues to the Soldier Angels!

I have been pondering starting a non-profit organization to assist homeless veterans and their families. Since the VA is only willing to assist homeless veterans with chemical dependency or mental disorders, I am thinking of an organization that assists with the other 30% or those homeless veterans that are turned away by the VA and Social Services as non-qualifying due to reasons of Sanity, Singleness or being Non-Self Medicating. I believe this would cut down on these homeless veterans becoming mentally disturbed or self medicating in the future. (input here on this idea would be appreciated)

Well more later as it occurs.



1 Response to “77.Wanderingvets Precarious Toehold In Society”

  1. November 26, 2007 at 8:10 am

    I think that is an excellent idea!!! And congrats on the part time work!!!

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