78.Survival…Deadfall Traps

Dear Wanderingvets and Friends.

Its been a while since I had written about finding grub in the field. Being Homeless, you just cannot walk around with a rifle no matter what the second amendment says because the police and citizenry will have a heart attack! I had little luck with field snares. I did have better luck with dead fall trapping though. It is much simpler too.

I performed this method two different ways while I was living in the woods one was a bit more grisly and took faster foot work than the other depending on the materials you have at hand.

First method and the preferred method is a rock slab approximately three feet long and approximately two foot wide. Try to find one that is about one to two inches in thickness though if you have to go a little thicker that is fine also. Next with your knife, take a stick with a Y in the end or make one that is about 14″ inches long and gingerly prop the rock up. Secure string (I use dental floss again) to a good hiding position and keep slack out of this line like you are fishing. I bait trap with local berries I have seen birds eating or nuts for squirrels. You will have to sit motionless for a while. Pull string when prey enters trap. Bang! Dinner.

Second method (non rock method).  Find two or three pine boughs and tie together aproximately four feet long and a fan width of at least three or four feet wide.  Place berries and or nuts deep inside the fan. Prop stick at the tip or handle end of the fan. When the prey walks in, pull string and drop fan and run. You will need a good stick to beat the fan to kill the prey inside the fan as the weight of the pine bough will not kill the bird or squirrel and they will find their way out in a hurry. This method just turns the lights out on them for a minute. So be quick!

Hope this helps with lunch or dinner.



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