80.Two Month Anniversary? Is that ALL?

Dear Friends and Wanderingvets:

I was looking at some interesting statistics AnAmerican (our site editor and overall web site trouble shooter) was pointing out to me last night when I started looking at the date. It was the the 26th of November. During homelessness, days become like weeks, weeks like a month and a month like who knows… If any of you that read this site are psychologists or studying the field, this would be an interesting study because the strain of homelessness really does play on ones mind between dehydration, hunger, adrenaline surges from elation, fear, and a myriad of other factors.  Anyway back to the date.

I was reviewing the dates of certain stories and the readership of what you the reader liked and disliked by the story ratings and looked at story number one and realized the date was only about 2 MONTHS and 2 DAYS AGO when we created the site! I feel like I have been writing to you forever. That certain events have happened months ago. That tells you how mentally and physically tearing it is at times.  I created the first site, sitting in a field next to a truck stop in North Carolina in September.

I do not understand and want to thank my readers though. For some reason this site keeps growing. Novembers readership for the month is over 3,100 readers. I am just floored by having that many people reading the inane things I write here. Some of the comments that you have written to me at times have helped pull me together when I was close to breaking. My readers have cheered me up on a bad day when I have been down and I thank you. There were days when I just did not want to get out of my sleeping bag I was so depressed. There have been along the way bad things that have happened to me, but I will admit I have found a lot of kindness too from individuals. This site has allowed me to meet people in the homeless community, as well as those that are working with veterans as well as the homeless veterans.  I am very appreciative of every comment you post here both pro and con. I learn from everything. I learn from every bit of data sent to me as I love reading, researching and deciphering.

I admit there are some days it is hard to find something to write (for about 5 minutes) then something strikes me. Today is not a hard writing day at all. I want to thank all of you who read my thoughts (someone recently called it an interesting rant) and invite all to send in requests or questions if you have them. I am sure sometimes what I write might be obscure or some of the reports lengthy and windy that the government publishes, but when you are homeless you have a lot of time to read things like those interesting reports and memos. Keep them coming

Also, I am glad to answer any questions on homelessness, VA policies on homeless veterans or other VA policies that I have studied, congressional inactivity, used their social workers for guinea pigs and interrogated them while they were not doing their jobs  etc. as well, I am sure there are some out there that have questions since…Well not everyone knows a homeless person  or feels comfortable enough to go ask them something.  You also know my mission statement, and am not afraid to administer praise or a spanking where ever I feel a situation justifies it. I wish those Vermonters would write back as well since I like those folks. Anyhow I value your input and I am also here as an awareness source for you as well.

Anyhow friends I just want you to know my email addy is on the right side of the page here for you to contact me with questions etc.

And I thank you all for your continued support.



1 Response to “80.Two Month Anniversary? Is that ALL?”

  1. 1 An American
    November 27, 2007 at 5:46 pm

    I find it amazing that in JUST 2 months you have managed to be a source of information and insight into the plight of the homeless veteran population amidst the daily struggles of just surviving. While your current situation is not one of choice, it has been your choice to share this journey with others in the hopes of raising awareness….that is a timeless gift to many who stop by and follow your writings.
    As your editor it is my appointed job to tell you….KEEP WRITING!!!!

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