84.Survival Tip.. Field Sanitation

3860775173.jpgOk Friends:

If you have read some of my previous articles, yes I have communed with nature. Once out there you are sharing it with a lot of other of God’s Creatures besides Mankind. Here are some of the things that you have to do to keep yourself from becoming ill from disease. No one said being homeless was easy, and it definitely is not!

This is a field sanitation survival tip. Sometimes in picking a campsite especially in areas where there are rodents like, rabbits, squirrels, rats, prairie dogs etc.. you need to wipe or sweep out the ground you are going to be camping on and around.

This entails removing all leaves, sticks, and debris from the sleeping and camping area. Rodents indiscriminately tend to defecate on everything without thought to your future sleeping comfort. Their feces can lead to severe illness and even your death. I recommend pine boughs to be used as a broom but whatever is handy will do. Make sure to perform appropriate hygiene measures  such as washing your hands and face afterwards. You do not want to breathe in fumes from their feces as it is very hazardous. I wear a handkerchief over my mouth in very dusty areas. I always use a ground cover of some kind. A drop cloth or some sort of cover is a must have for survival.

Cooking and Eating:

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you do not cook or eat around the area you are going to be sleeping and camping in. This inconvenience can be a life saver. If you are within two miles of a town and can afford it, buy and consume your edibles there. If not trap your game away from camp, clean and cook it as far away as possible in the same spot, Burn what is left, smother the fire completely, and give your clothes time to air out before returning to camp. Reason: Wolves, Coyotes, Bears

Field Latrine: (Catholes)

Might as well try to go at your cook site too while you are at it. If you are in town, do not forget to hit the can there too! If you do not have to go, still try to make it happen anyway as it might save you some inconvenience later. Back at camp though the cathole is the only way to go.  Personally out of convenience, I always try to pre-dig my holes and do not be cheap with the labor. If you are an experienced pro with good rearward aim, a 2x2x2 square should do just nicely for the job. Mark area with big stick or rocks, this is not a place for a misstep in the night! I make my catholes about 50 yds from camp because some animals love a good old turd for dinner unfortunately, and will come looking for more of where that came from. Remember to fill in your holes prior to departure.


Forget the days of the campfire. With the era of nylon sleeping bags, you getting too close to a fire, and you will end up shrink wrapped with third degree burns. You can make a small fire for boiling water, making instant coffee and things like that. All you need to do is make a SMALL fire and after it has burned down is to keep the coals burning. That is the hottest part of the fire. It is also smokeless, and produces the most heat. It is easily tended and will restart easily. You do not need to make bonfires out there. Small, smokeless fires will also keep you unnoticed by others as well and are not as much of a fire danger. Reason: Safety

Cleaning up:

I used to use a lot of hot water to shave with. Later  I found I could use lotion on my whiskers and use less hot water just to clean my blade. Clean fingernails daily. Wash hands and feet and rear end daily. I really found wash and dri anti bacterial clothes work really well at the back door. There is also no shame just baring it all in the river or pond either. Reason: Hygiene, and you feel good too!


Trash must either be packed out with you or burned down at the cook site. I reuse plastic water bottle for water carrying purposes and have never wasted money on a canteen. Most packs now a days have water bottle holders on their exteriors. Please do not leave trash at your sites! I have come across so much garbage in good shelter sites and often cleaned up more trash while making almost none myself in order to stay in a good site. Think of those that might follow, as well as nature. Reason: Conservation, Good Neighbor

These are some of the basic keys to remaining healthy in areas where there is not a public access to facilities. If you are living/camping along the border of state lands such as parks, there are often more shower type facilities available but are often closed off in the fall seasons.



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