87.Starbucks Says..”No Coffee For You!” (Updated)

Starbucks Shuns Homeless 

Dear Friends:

UPDATED: The victim of this action by Starbucks is a Homeless Veteran.

I was reading my friend Oldtimers website this morning when I read this story  about a Homeless Man in a WHEEL CHAIR being kicked out of a Starbucks he frequented regularly Starbucks Shuns The Unwashed. It so reminded me about what happened to me in Birmingham, AL at the Pilot Travel Center because I wanted a Diet Pepsi on a hot day while I was carrying my backpack. That is a fond memory. Pilot Abuses Homeless Veteran

I am angry about what I read about Starbucks. I am now even angrier when I walk into a VA Hospital and have to see a Starbucks inside them. It will be a reminder to me how narrow minded and discriminatory they are. Ok yes I am adding them to my boycott list of places along with Pilot Travel Centers.

What right do businesses have in discriminating on ones appearance if you have the ability to pay? We have laws that guard race, creed, national origin, sexuality, and endangered species, but we go out of our way to push the homeless and homeless veteran to the mental and physical limits. Homeless Veterans and the Homeless have no one representing them except advocates that see this issue for what it is.

That some latte maker has the power to discriminate against the homeless or anyone else is beyond reason and that society accepts this blows my mind. Personally someone should have grabbed the little geek and wrung his neck. Did I say that? Well it is true. If this was an issue besides Homeless Discrimination, there would be a Supreme Court Case here or a Hate Crime possibly. Definition of a Hate Crime is:

“A hate crime is a criminal offense committed against a person or property motivated, in whole or in part, by the offender’s bias against a race, religion, ethnicity/national origin, gender, sexual preference, or disability. The offense is considered a hate crime whether or not the offender’s perception of the victim as a member or supporter of a protected group is correct“.

Since Homelessness does have a status under the Supreme Court rulings Discrimination in such a blatant act can be construed as a hate crime according to the definition above. Also under the D.C. Hate Crime Law Bias Motivated Intimidation Against the Homeless, the Starbucks management committed a crime.  Oh if you read the article Al is HOMELESS BY DISABILITY! This is truly a discrimination case of a corporation mistreating a HUMAN BEING. The simple fact here though is nothing will happen and life will go on for everyone. This sort of discrimination against the homeless is perpetuated everyday by municipalities who try to make it illegal to be homeless, and businesses nationwide.  It is sickening that in this country we feed the worlds hungry while allowing some cappuccino frother to take a cup of coffee away from a homeless person.  The fact that Starbucks said their people made a mistake still makes them liable in this case. Oh by the way, they do this everyday so they are not really sorry.

The fact that Starbucks is inside a lot of U.S. Government offices including a lot of Veterans Administration Hospitals is a SLAP IN THE FACE to the over 200,000 Homeless Veterans on the streets everyday. I personally cannot even think of nor will I ever be buying a cup of coffee from a Starbucks ever again without my stomach wanting to wretch. Every Veterans Organization should be aware of this article as it does not say if this man is a Veteran or not but that should not matter as over 1 in 4 Homeless are Veterans. As an update in the comments section there is now a link to a woman that was kicked out of a Starbucks for talking to a Homeless Man.

Maybe they took some of their lessons from Ken Parent and Pilot Travel Centers playbook?


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7 Responses to “87.Starbucks Says..”No Coffee For You!” (Updated)”

  1. December 6, 2007 at 10:20 pm

    My email to Starbucks and their reply

    Regarding your recent treatment of Homeless in the D.C. Metro Area:
    I think it is truly horrible your corporate actions. I find that you are increasing donations to one single shelter is just in poor taste to the insult added to hundreds of thousands of Homeless also. As a Veteran who promotes awareness of over 200,000 Homeless Veterans, I now want to wretch everytime I walk into a VA Hospital and see your coffee shops in them. A formal nationwide apology on your Homeless Discrimination would be a start, then copious donations should be forthcoming to assist with this critical issue.

    Thank you for contacting Starbucks Coffee Company.

    Starbucks is committed to contributing to our communities and to the environment. We provide our support through monetary contributions, product donations and through The Starbucks Foundation.

    Starbucks provides donations and sponsorships to nonprofit organizations in the following areas: literacy, the environment, local communities, and programs in coffee-growing communities. We believe our partners (employees) are the best resource we can offer, therefore we also support organizations in which they are active volunteers. This ensures that our investments touch the neighborhoods where Starbucks partners live and work.

    Please note that as a rule, Starbucks does not donate to individuals, programs that promote or endorse a specific religious affiliation, political candidates, or for-profit organizations.

    If your organization falls into one of the categories we support, please visit our website at http://www.starbucks.com/donations for more information. For more general information about our corporate giving and community programs, please visit our Corporate Social Responsibility page at http://www.starbucks.com/csr .

    Thanks for your interest!


    Jonathan M.
    Customer Relations
    Starbucks Coffee Company

    I wonder what organizations those Starbucks managers were volunteers for ( I had a dizzying vision of goose stepping storm troopers with swastikas for a second there)? I am scratching my head over that one that they are still employed by Starbucks. That they believe their employees are their best resource in this matter is also sort of scary, as it makes me think of various hate filled organizations from the 60’s. One thing is for sure, with their partners (employees) attitudes, they will continue to touch neighborhoods that is for sure. In going to their Social Responsibility section of their website, it seems there is more action to African and South American Coffee Growers than there is to projects on American Soil that do not involve a Starbucks Coffee House in the midst of it. They have a program that does work with children which is great, but it seemingly stresses for volunteerism amongst college students.

    All in all I was not impressed with the Starbucks Social Responsibility page at all. Their social responsibility section involved developing a community around one of their coffee shops as the meeting hub. Guess they are setting the stage to remove all future homeless people from the planet.


  2. December 6, 2007 at 11:49 pm

    I’ve found a picture of Al in his wheelchair. It shows him holding a “Homeless Vet, Please Help, God Bless” sign.

    Strike 1 Targeting Homeless, even disabled homeless!
    Strike 2 Unwilling to even sell a cup of coffee to a homeless person purchased by someone else
    Strike 3 It was a Veteran!

    Starbucks: Thrown out of game – personal foul.


  3. December 7, 2007 at 5:58 am

    I read the article in the Alanta Journal-Constitution and to quote the writer:

    “Like librarians, Starbucks managers struggle to find legal and moral ways to distinguish between those who are just hanging out and those who are disturbing others.”

    I see very little morality in any form of discrimination… much less anything legal about it. More than that – it violates the very principles which prompted this nation’s founding fathers to create and adopt the U.S. Constitution.

    As for what I think of Starbucks, let me say this: Thank goodness I buy my coffee and hot chocolate at the local convience store instead!

    Me too Michael!
    Last time I went to a Starbucks was at the VA Hospital and they looked at me funny when I tried tried to order just an American Coffee. You know just a regular cup of black coffee was almost beyond their scope of reasoning.


  4. December 7, 2007 at 9:15 am

    Whoa All!

    I have performed a little more research and you do not want to talk to the homeless in a Starbucks either. This woman was kicked out of a Starbucks for talking to a homeless man she knew. She volunteers at a homeless agency. http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/144606/Starbucks_Homeless_People_can_t_drink_Coffee_in_Stores

  5. December 7, 2007 at 3:19 pm

    Thanks for the link to the news article…

    Read it and was disgusted.

    It’s funny how stores of all kinds will take a homeless person’s money… so long as they leave the premises straightaway after they’ve paid.

    Next Starbucks Gift Card someone gives me will get a:

    “No. Thank You. I don’t support companies that discriminate.”

    Thank goodness for convenience store coffee!

  6. 6 coyote
    July 2, 2008 at 12:47 pm

    Read AnAmericans Comment below

    Coordinated Actions Across the U.S., Europe, and Latin America Could Be Largest Ever Against Coffee Chain
    IWW Starbucks Workers Union, StarbucksUnion.org

    Grand Rapids , MI ( 06-30-2008 )- Union members and social activists are gearing up for what may be the largest, global coordinated action against Starbucks ever. Protesters will decry what they see as an epidemic of anti-union terminations by the world’s largest coffee chain. Starbucks and its CEO Howard Schultz have exhibited a pattern of firing outspoken union baristas ever since the advent of the IWW Starbucks Workers Union in 2004 and are demonstrating the same practice against the CNT union in Spain.

    “On July 5th people around the world will show Starbucks that we, baristas along with our supporters, will have a voice and Starbucks discrimination and repression of our efforts will not go unchecked”, said Cole Dorsey.

    The IWW and CNT have called for the day of action in response to two recent anti-union terminations. On April 24, Starbucks fired Monica in Sevilla , Spain , for her activity on behalf of the CNT union. She asked to be identified by only her first name to avoid future employment discrimination. On June 6, Starbucks fired 2 year barista Cole Dorsey in Grand Rapids, Michigan, for his activity on behalf of the Industrial Workers of the World union. These firings come in the midst of Unfair Labor Practice charges being investigated by the NLRB against Starbucks in Grand Rapids, including whether Starbucks violated a previous Labor Board settlement there, and deliberations by a judge on the anti-union terminations of three IWW baristas in New York City.

    The firing of Monica, in Spain , made clear that Starbucks union-busting policies were not specific to the US, but were decided by the top echelons of the corporation in Seattle . The Confederacion Nacional de Trabajadores ( CNT ) quickly responded in Spain with local pressure to reinstate their member.

    Due to Starbucks globalized response to union activists, the Starbucks Union (IWW) and the Sevilla CNT vowed to join struggles for the reinstatement of their members. As a consequence of that declaration, July 5th was called for a Global Day of Action Against Starbucks Repression. In a show of solidarity, Cole and Monica vowed not to return until both were reinstated.

    Actions against Starbucks will take place in: Argentina, Chile, the British Isles, Italy, Japan, Norway, Serbia, Poland, Slovakia, 4 cities in Spain, 6 cities in Germany. In the US: Phoenix, Philadelphia, Grand Rapids, Boston, Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles.

    The IWW Starbucks Workers Union is a grassroots organization of employees at the world’s largest coffee chain united for better pay, stable work schedules, safer working conditions, and easier access to more affordable health care. The union has members throughout the United States fighting for systemic change at the company and remedying individual grievances with management.

    Thank you Coyote for sharing Starbucks recent claim to fame. It is hard to muster up much sympathy for this “grassroot organization of employees” of an organization that Wanderingvets has publicly boycotted.
    Back in March an employee of Starbucks in Illinois asked a paying customer who happened to be homeless to leave a Starbucks location. The irony of Starbucks employees over such things as health care and work conditions is hard to sympathize with when one of Starbucks own employees had little concern about the humiliation and injustice against a paying customer who happened to be homeless. NOONE in this Starbucks Union seemed to care when this serious social grievance was exposed nor did Starbucks offer a formal apology.
    Wanderingvets wishes to extend Global Action Against Starbucks 365 days a year for it’s lack of social responsibility & appalling lack of insight of it’s discriminatory action toward a customer who was homeless.

  7. 7 Garry
    February 10, 2009 at 10:28 am

    I read the article and was appaled. A homeless VETERAN kicked out of a starbucks in a VETERANS Hospital? Who do they think they are????
    I live in a small rual town in Texas and they are building a new facility. There are rumors that they are going to put a stupidbucks in this one. My question is this, How can I find out if the rumors are true or not?? Most of the Vets that come in dont have enough disposable income(read poor) to buy a 5$ cup of coffee. How ludicrous is that?

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