89.Uncommon Sense

Common Sense 

“Common Sense is no longer common. Neither is Common Knowledge or Common Courtesy…
-Larry Winget

Larry is one of those in your face self motivating speakers and authors. I will read anything and everything given to me, even if I do not like it. In the above he is speaking about complaining about life. The above gave me pause and caused reflection. When I look at people, cities and their actions,  and programs and pogroms regarding the homeless I am really understanding this more.  By the way I have a list of complaints.

In the past week I posted a piece on Starbucks and a Homeless Veteran named Al. The above quote seems to have summed up Starbucks actions very well, but it also fits many others indeed…including myself

I become angry when I see stupidity. When I see lack of Common Sense due to lack of Knowledge which shafts someone down the line, I just want to scream. I have railed against the Veterans Administration, Corporations, Municipalities, and Individuals over the past months to raise some awareness, but fear I have not changed or enlightened that many if any.

I am disturbed about the lack of Common Sense, Knowledge and Courtesy displayed towards the majority of the homeless veterans on our nation’s streets. That for some reason many have been labeled beyond salvage or of value to humanity due to the general lack of Knowledge on the subject. I am incensed by the lack of Sense used by municipalities in dealing with the homeless when trying to drive them out of their cities. The lack of sense used by Congress and the Veterans Administration in treating and dealing with the problem, and the lack of sense used by individuals is totally bewildering. Where do they want the homeless to go to? The cities themselves do little other than seeming to oppress the homeless and make it illegal to be homeless. Businesses want the homeless person’s dollars but do not want them seen as patrons, and individuals look at the homeless as visual pollution. That is a lack of Courtesyand inhumane treatment to a social group that receives little in the form of decency enough as it is.

Common Sense would tell me from my Common Knowledge, that maybe street gangs selling drugs might be a more important street issue than harassing homeless people. That those groups that are harming society could be a better target.  I am not sure what menace the homeless are causing other than trying to live. The homeless that are employed, but not earning enough for a place to live are taxed by their cities and counties on their wages still. Of course the municipalities do not bother refunding their taxes, but further use the money to employ schemes on how to get them out of town.  In one city they cited that the homeless are stealing anything that is not nailed down to sell for food and drugs. It is an Interesting point that the homeless need food. What were we thinking there? Many cities have made it illegal to feed homeless denizens. I am calling them denizens and not citizens since the homeless have zero representation anywhere and are completely stripped of their rights as citizens, and only represented by advocates who are in most cases volunteers. No wonder the homeless resorted to stealing for food you idiots! That the Crips , the Bloods and other drug selling gangs are not as harassed and being railroaded out of town streets instead of the homeless first is wasting energy on those that are lacking places to sleep or economic assistance. Of course I am not a mayor of a city either and those that can afford illegal substances need suppliers, and those statistics show that it is not the homeless doing a lot of drugs as much as the middle class. The only people that might be happy about cutting off a city’s narcotics supply are the rehab centers that would be counting all of that money from the insured white collar workers suffering withdrawal symptoms.

When I read about other homeless suffering or experience my own issues regarding homelessness I have become very incensed and lose sight of the larger problems in the spectrum of homelessness. I myself will see a target and blast it. Unfortunately that is just one manifestation of the larger problem. That is the lack of knowledge that the “Anti-Homeless” have. Homeless Veterans are lumped into the Homeless totals and are such treated as any other homeless individual or family. You can read, see and hear about many cities with overfull shelters, starving homeless, people sheltering in alleyways in the Annual Mayors Report on Homelessness.

The problem with current knowledge seemingly is visual reference, to the homeless that just do not smell or look so good. That the majority use the visual reference causes the majority of the problem.  When people and municipalities take the time to gain Knowledge of the issue the we see Sense and Courtesy appear.

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves”   -Carl Jung

Now that one is deep!



3 Responses to “89.Uncommon Sense”

  1. December 13, 2007 at 12:29 am

    I can certainly understand your frustration… much of that same “non-sense” goes on within my community as well.

    This morning I read about a 28 year old (who by the way had a place to live) who killed a 20 year old pizza delivery person in Springfield, Massachusetts.

    You would think that the local online forum there in Springfield would be all a-buzz about the killing, but they’re not. Instead they’re wasting their time talking about how terrible the homeless in the area are.

    All I can say it that instances like these give me heart burn.

  2. December 13, 2007 at 2:48 am

    That is pretty deep! And so very true. Regarding Starbucks, my pastor (who teaches a bible study class in a Starbucks) was shocked when he heard about Al and the homeless policies of Starbucks. He had always considered them benefactors and givers. He said he would “speak to the manager” which is exactly what I predicted he would do, but he won’t give it up. He and millions of others are addicted to the product. I’ve tried their coffee once and they did not know how to make a simple cup of black coffee.

    I think the problem that drives so much animosity toward the homeless is that most people do not recognize the many “invisible” homeless among you that dress nicely and take care to look presentable among them and take to the woods or hillsides at night.

    Instead, what they see day in and day out are the more aggressive panhandlers, many of which are NOT homeless but taking advantage of people willing to put out a little change to get them out of their faces. Most self-respecting homeless despise the panhandlers.

    Far too many people have lumped all homeless in that category and fail to realize that most of the homeless were victims in the beginning and still are. They see the panhander blight, the guy that goes home in the evening to his TV and has his kid in training count his take for the day. The homeless such as yourself suffer for it.

    It is the businesses that have panhandlers camped out in front of their shops that drive the local governments to enact law after law prohibiting any aid or comfort for the homeless.

    The other homeless they see are the mentally ill and those that have fallen into substance abuse that are bumped out into the streets never to recover without significant help. But little help is fortcoming due to apathy. Therin lives the shame of the world that is unwilling to step up to the plate and pony up some help.

    Unfortunately street gangs terrify people and the intimidated do not dare complain. Windows get broken out, people get hurt. The homeless, however, are easy targets even for kids and the more timid. This is a cruel world.

    Take care of yourself friend.


  3. November 5, 2008 at 8:39 pm

    Oooo! This is a good point mentioned. I like when everything is in place and it is understandable to mere mortals.

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