95.Merry Christmas, Does that hurt?


Dear Friends:

Christmas Eve I was loading a piece of furniture into customers vehicle when suddenly the lady thinking I was finished slammed the hatch of the mini van shut on my hand.

Many choice words almost came out of my mouth but were halted on the back side of my teeth since there were other priorities at the time, namely removing my hand from under the hatch door. The lady’s priorities were different at the time, as she said: “Does that hurt?”. I guess if I had said no, we would have repeated this process until I passed out, but admittedly I was beginning to squirm and wanted her to please open the hatch so I could inspect the damage to my digits. So grimacing and being a polite employee, I said “yes a little”.  What was she thinking, of course this mishap was killing me and my hand at this moment is still killing me as I am typing this. She opened the hatch said “I am sorry” gave me a mediocre “Merry Christmas” and drove away without even a tip for damages since I could no longer load the rest of the shift either.

Which made me think of other things naturally as I walk around town everyday and noticed that the homeless that are normally out panhandling had been missing for a while. There are normally homeless panhandlers in certain locations close in to certain retail spots where I walk at to my job or in front of. It had not really dawned on me as I had been preoccupied with other thoughts recently that they have been missing. Now when I have looked back on it, I have noticed those guys have been replaced with those others with the red shields or other groups of temporary agencies that collect during the holiday seasons for the non profits.

I know the homeless will be back after the holidays are over, but it will have been a tough holiday season for them. I have learned and realized just how hard the holidays are for the homeless as they are “brushed aside” by the mega charities for their marketing spaces and street corners. Just as cities chase the homeless out of towns all year long, the non profits and charities run off the homeless from the corners for a chance for the seasonal geld. What a Catch 22 charity is. Or is it non profit greed that the homeless are shunted off the corners by those agencies that are supposedly founded to serve them?


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2 Responses to “95.Merry Christmas, Does that hurt?”

  1. December 26, 2007 at 10:54 am

    Sorry about the hand, Wanderingvet. Hopefully nothing is broken in there.

    I’ve noticed that in a season of giving, most people turn to charitable organizations for donations of food, clothing and money rather than to the person on the street.

    It seems strange that a homeless person right in front of you is ignored while trusting a charity to do the right thing. Often the giving is generous, but many take care to give to places that are tax exempt so they get receipts for tax deductions. It is discounted giving. Give a dollar to a shelter and it costs 66 cents or less. Give a dollar on the street and the cost is a full dollar.

    Around here, many homeless that would normally be on the street have taken to the shelters as the weather approaches Christmas. They know that there are warm jackets, backpacks, and other needed things available at many shelters, gifts from people that would not dare approach a homeless person in person. They don’t have to stay if the conditions are bad there, but many do.

    In bigger cities such as Atlanta, many of the panhandlers are not really homeless and go back to the warmth of their homes during winter season. There is a fellow up in rural Cherokee county that works the interstate exit almost year around and eats at a nearby restaurant. I’m told at the restaurant that he is not homeless either but working his chosen profession. They had given him meals free for a long time before figuring that out.

    Take care of yourself,


    Wow, it is a wonder they do not kick that bum out!


  2. December 26, 2007 at 11:12 am

    Did you get your hand looked at?

    I have not had time since it happened Christmas Eve at 5:30 PM and I had to go to their doc in the box which was across town. It is getting better after long soaks in hot water to keep it loose and movement is coming back to it. I did work today with it since I cannot afford to miss the time and they would not pay for time lost without a longer protracted report anyhow.


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