104.Nonprofits for Dummies and We are stupid!

Nonprofit Law and Governance 

Dear friends and Wanderingvets:

 I have been doing a lot of research on nonprofit organizations of late and admit that in reading Non Profit Law & Governance for Dummies by Jill & Daniel Welytok is definitely and eye opener. This manual covers how to start and operate a nonprofit as well as how to operate one within the parameters of how it is SUPPOSED to operate.

The Foreward of this book is by U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa. He gives a bloated statement of how nonprofits need to be diligent, and how he felt that our Congress needed to crack down on the nonprofit sector due to abuse by nonprofit operators and the donors. In the book they cite some extreme cases, including the Red Cross and United Way. Funny how the United Way always topped the Combined Federal Campaign drive as well as their giving thermometers are still seen throughout communities nationwide.

Ok that was all well and good, and it was until I found Chapter 5 and the following nonprofits that I thought Chuck was talking out of his sphincter.

Everything I found is a nonprofit. Chuck and all the rest of the Politicians on Capitol Hill live off of, get elected on, fund raise on and generally benefit from the nonprofit world. All Board of Trades (lobbyists) are tax exempt, All political parties are tax exempt, all campaigns are exempted as non taxable due to acts of Congress. IRS Section 527 for the Exempt Political Organizations. All of our presidential candidates are running tax free on tax free donations from every special interest group out there, since they made all special interests tax free. All of this falls under Nonprofit Organizations.

For a quick look at what tax free money the candidates are receiving see Candidates Funding and look in the middle column where it says “total raised” and then look over at “total spent”. Amazingly this is all Nonprofit.

Every time a corporation places money in their employees names to a candidate it is tax exempt.

Ok you are saying what here Wanderingvet? Well lets see, the homeless veteran or nearly homeless whose rent is 50% or greater than his salary is not tax exempt. He does not have a letter to exempt him from state sales taxes or even a break on his federal taxes, as all of the above do. One whole day out of his paycheck or 1/5 minimum  goes to taxation. Here is a person that also served his nation, in a more hazardous line than those in the Senate or House of Representatives and he is being tax starved while those appointed to ease his problems are living off their own nonprofit cronies.

Now I have a new view as I walk to work for sure of all of the candidates for public office and those that hold office.  As homeless veterans work to get themselves back on their feet, those appointed to assist the issues continue to baffle me. All of these corporations are donating monies to Political Action Committees, Boards of Trade (Beef, Textiles, Widgets), Insurance Companies (mutual insurance companies), Homeowner Associations  and the list is endless. I know of a Homeowners Association in Pinehurst, NC that has so much cash since turning over their maintenance to the State of NC that they regularly split dividends now.

Ok back to my view: If we are having trouble with budgets in government as in the case where the VA has not any funding for the 2008 fiscal year until March 2008 (the FY started Oct. 2007), Why not remove the tax exempt status from everything that is not a CHARITY? I can see if we take away all of the political gravy here that true charitable nonprofits would see a deluge of contributions flowing through them. Lets see, how does the democratic or republican party assist homeless veterans? I have not seen anything spectacular this year and Sen. Dole of NC still has not contacted me back where my medical records are since 2004 though I have written her since every three months. Lets see, I still have not heard back from any member of the House Veterans Affairs Committee on any of my letters regarding issues such as the death of Sonny Iovino, and realize that illegal immigration PAC’s get more attention than Veteran Homelessness.

As I watch the candidates drop out of the political races, it is sick that they are going back to Capitol Hill or their Governorships to their normal day jobs. They took time out to run for president as a noprofit, ran tax free, and now going back to their tax supported jobs while ignoring their constituents during their campaigns (hmm don’t they do that in the normal course of their day too?)

In the meantime, the homeless veterans endured the same treatment nationwide, lack of VA attention, under paying jobs, the shelters, municipal persecution, and occasionally being used as a point on how the candidate is going to “support our veterans”.

I do not see any support, but I do see a bunch of money that should be taxed and recycled into federal programs. It is a shame that those that claim to be for Veterans and Homelessness make their own loopholes for themselves and their friends while ramming coffin nails into programs that could help many.

Many have heard about campaign reform. This is something that definitely should be reformed. What is going on here is not in the true spirit of what Charity and NonProfit is. Well maybe it is since homeless veterans have not seemed to profit from anything that those who run say they are going to do, but our Leaders do seem to profit. How is promoting your own self interest charitable? Has anyone seen a selfless act from these people in which they did not benefit?

If all of the funding and promises came true for homeless veterans that have been made to them by the people that run for political offices tax free, this would never have been written.

By the way Chuck (Sen. Grassley) I would be interested in knowing about your views on homeless veterans freezing to death in your State of Iowa there and what you are doing about it.


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5 Responses to “104.Nonprofits for Dummies and We are stupid!”

  1. January 11, 2008 at 6:36 pm

    I find it obscene that the politicians who are currently vying for the Presidential seat have raised nearly $420 million dollars – and all for what? A job that pays less than a half a million dollars a year.

    There’s something massively wrong with us as a nation if we’re willing to allow all of this foolishness while so many of our nation’s veterans have no where to call home.

    Keep telling it like it is Wandering Vet…

  2. 2 An American
    January 12, 2008 at 2:21 am

    As I watch this election unfold I am struck by the almost tunnel vision relating to the Iraq issue and immigration…many other crucial domestic issues suchas our homeless population seemingly are never mentioned. I am outraged at our countries lack of attention to those who need our help most…and the list of those in need is getting longer and longer. It isn’t that the funding is not available rather, that the politicians haven’t opened their eyes to the surge of need in our own backyard

  3. 3 tbearly
    January 13, 2008 at 12:37 pm

    One question I have is what they plan on doing about the VA mess as a whole, from their budgets (or lack thereof); understaffing; insufficient training; insanely long wait times for claims; the overdue VA/Pentagon syncing of personnel records (what a joke that has been); the anticipated influx of 1 in 3 OIF/OEF veterans suffering either immediate or delayed PTSD; the alarming increase in TBI cases (nearly 2/3 of those treated at Walter Reed for various injuries have concurrent TBI); needless to say, adequate and effective outreach of homeless veterans… and on and on.

    There are moments when I feel like I’m watching the Titanic set sail from Southampton and I’m rushing to climb aboard. Ah, well – “stupid is as stupid does.” (Will kick DeCaprio out of the way, if necessary.)

    For myself, I’m trying to get a better handle on where the candidates at least claim to stand on veterans issues, and plan to use that as a starting point in my decision making process. Each of them have their policy statements re: veterans up on their Web sites. Still, just who will remain sitting on both the House and Senate veterans affairs committees (the House, especially) is important as well. I only wish there were more actual veterans on those committees.

    Just a few of my thoughts.

    Keep up your important work, Wanderingvet. It doesn’t go unnoticed.


  4. 4 Theresa
    January 23, 2008 at 12:00 pm

    If Chuck’s opinions about funding for homeless Vets are similar to his opinions about funding for homeless teenagers, watch out for your existing funding. He led the strike against the Federal Run Away and Homeless Youth Act a few years back. It was a program that funded non-profit agencies that provided emergency shelter, street outreach and transitional living services for homeless youth, including pregnant and parenting teens.

    In defense of the United Way …..
    All the money raised by your local United Way remains in your community. The National United Way offices do their own fundraising. Anyone can get a breakdown of how their local United Way funds are distributed, AND those distributions are determined by a group of volunteers from the community. It’s sad when ONE problem in ONE place gets generalized to an entire organization …. kinda the way stereotyping works …. a couple stupid blondes and we’re all ditzy 🙂

  5. March 16, 2010 at 6:55 am

    I read your Nonprofit For Dummies . . .
    and was appalled . . .
    finally I ended up at your boycott list . . .

    You asked about inexcusable actions against the homeless . . .
    Well here it is . . .

    In the Los Angeles area (Venice and Santa Monica in particular) . . .
    city police roust people who sleep on the beach at night . . .
    even though it is cold and wet . . .
    usually before dawn.

    Security for public libraries and private businesses alike . . .
    will ask anyone with a bed roll to leave the building . . .
    with no explaination given.

    On sweeps, police will gather up peoples belongings on the boardwalk along the beach . . .
    and put it in a dumpster . . .
    usually just before the summer tourist season.

    Sorry I couldn’t E-mail this . . .
    I tried but it got kicked back to me . . .

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