105.Home Runs for the Homeless Vet?

3249175439.jpgWell Friends I have ended my support of the writers guild strike and am back to writing. Its been a few days and I am sure many of you are in withdrawal missing my verbiage here.

Well the other evening during work I glanced at a television while having something to eat on my dinner break and there was Rep. Henry Waxman of California breaking wind about steroid use in Baseball.

Now I do not support the steroid use, on the other hand I really do not give a flying bat what these ball players are doing. I do not think that what is going on in baseball deserves congressional oversight though. I do not believe that we need congressional air time to cover the disgrace of these sluggers.

What I do think we need is for Rep. Henry Waxman to be doing is researching and holding hearings on why California has the highest rate of veteran homelessness in the United States. That would be a good start I do believe. Instead of trying to fix why Barry Bonds and other players are using steroids, why not dealing with the issue of homelessness or more specifically why our veterans are homeless with more joining those ranks every week.

The House of Representatives House Committee on Energy and Commerce’s sub committee on Oversight and Investigations which Mr. Waxman is involved with is the one holding this investigation. The overview of this committee is

Subcommittee Jurisdiction: Responsibility for oversight of agencies, departments, and programs within the jurisdiction of the full committee, and for conducting investigations within such jurisdiction.

Using the committees web site and looking at their mission House Committee on Energy and Commerce, the closest thing I could find that ties them to this is (12) Public health and quarantine.

I have reviewed this point and then can conclude, instead of wasting valuable time investigating which energy drink a few sports playing millionaires prefer why not do something serious.

Mr. Waxman has over 48,000 homeless veterans in the State of California. Why not investigate a cure for this problem since Mr. Waxman has been a U.S. Representative since 1975 or 33 years (to include the ending of the Vietnam War). I would expect as a senior representative, that he could see clearly on this, but alas as always our politicians are again out in left field.

If this committee is all powerful to investigate, why are they not investigating why Sonny Iovino froze to death after the VA shunted him out of their medical center in Iowa City, IA? Why are they not investigating why the VA is able to cut their statistics by 121,000 homeless veterans? Why are they not investigating why veterans are receiving lower disability ratings for Traumatic Brain Injury or inconsistent ratings across the VA system? Why are they not investigating why homeless veterans cannot get HUD/Sec.8 vouchers? The list of things this committee could be investigating is long if they can investigate steroids. Or is steroids an energy producing substance that falls under Energy and Commerce’s parameters.

So far this investigation is over $5,000,000.00 in taxpayer money wasted. I wonder where in their budget this item was highlighted. In this time of “we cannot fund that” and shrinking funding for some programs pertaining to homelessness, we can throw 5 million dollars over to an investigation of baseball.

Who cares who is doing steroids in baseball? I have not felt it impacting my everyday life. Maybe it is impacting baseball card, steroid and team jersey sales, but I do not think that using taxpayer money for this committee is acceptable. This money should be used for easing suffering of our warriors. Why not turn the matter over to the Department of Justice since it is illicit substances.

Five Million Dollars and the figure keeps climbing as the days go by… could subsidize shelters, feed tens of thousands of homeless veterans, and pay a lot of VA claims due to veterans.

If the Oversight and Investigations Committee wants to investigate something, why not investigate how the VA became so dysfunctional. Mr. Waxman has been around congress for thirty-three years. As a professional politician he should be able to tell us. But undoubtably, he is a big baseball fan a bigger fan than he is to veterans undoubtably.

It is a sad day when those who play a game are given more thought than those warriors that are now suffering that gave them a place to play.


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2 Responses to “105.Home Runs for the Homeless Vet?”

  1. January 18, 2008 at 11:36 am

    Go see the video I’ve posted on my blog. It’s Bill O’Reilly saying homeless vets don’t exist.

  2. 2 Lori
    January 19, 2008 at 10:12 am

    Want another wasteful example of taxpayer spending?? The University of Maryland School of Medicine and the VA (yes the VA) conducted a study to see if President Abraham Lincoln would have survived the gun shot wound to his head with todays medicine. Why in the world do we need to know this? Why in the world do we need to spend money on something so inconsequential?

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