108.Death With Dignity – Homeless Veterans Burial Program


Sometimes one comes across something that is a positive as well as a negative. The negative part of this is the thought of another homeless veteran dying. The positive aspect here is that at least in death, the homeless veteran has a chance to have some peace and honor in the end.

Death with Dignity is a group of funeral home directors that provide a deceased homeless veteran is laid to rest with his other brothers in arms with military honors. From reading their website, they will coordinate with the VA for the veterans burial expense for recompense, but they are doing something for a homeless veteran that many would not think of or provide for.

I admit that the thought of homeless veteran deaths really disturb me greatly. The fact that over 200,000 veterans are homeless on a given night during the winter always gives pause in the mornings and a time for a silent prayer. That many of these heros are buried in pauper plots, unhonored, and not even recognized as veterans is even sadder.

Hopefully this is read by hospitals, counties and other organizations as well as individuals, that when faced with a deceased homeless veteran, will attempt to contact this organization.

I cannot say much more about this subject.



2 Responses to “108.Death With Dignity – Homeless Veterans Burial Program”

  1. 1 tbearly
    January 22, 2008 at 3:00 pm

    Death With Dignity is a reputable program that deserves more notoriety, if only to have more veterans’ families understand that that option is available to them.

    Another program that’s close to my heart and is designed to honor veterans is Bugles Across America (http://xeml.buglesacrossamerica.org/index.xeml). Begun in 2000 in order to provide a *live* rendition of Taps at all military funerals – free of charge to the veterans’ family – it now boasts 5,000 volunteer horn players across the country, as well as overseas. There simply weren’t nearly enough buglers to go around via the traditional route of using uniformed musicians, so this was begun. Hearing Taps played live, as opposed to a tinny recording coming from a CD player, does in fact add to the dignity of the moment and is something that won’t soon be forgotten.

    Like the site re-design, BTW.


  2. 2 Jim
    March 24, 2008 at 3:53 am

    While in Bath NY at the VA there i had a chance to witness the bugles across america first handed. I cant remember how far the line stretched, but it was over a distance of quite a few miles with the buglers spaced ever 100 or so yards apart and ended at the National Cemetary at the Bath VA. It was an awsome event to witness.

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