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Dear Friends:

It seems that the City of Marietta, GA has killed a homeless man. My Friend Oldtimer has reported that Marietta, GA began evicting their homeless January 24th, 2008 from their city limits. He has also reported their first homeless murder by the leaders of Marietta, GA on the 25th of January.

Sadly I have to report the first death as a result of this heartless eviction during subfreezing weather. The physical part of the evictions took place yesterday, it hit 19 last nigh, and a homeless friend was found this morning.

Dominic, one of our homeless friends was found huddled against a wall of a local business this morning, frozen to death. I had written the Mayor and Council that it would happen. The local news showed video of the police cutting up tents and the Atlanta Jounal has an article saying the tents, sleeping bags, coats and other belonging left behind when the police suddenly showed up were put into garbage trucks and hauled to the dump.

Take 300 homeless men, women and children and send them marching down the track or hiding in the woods with all their possession, tents, etc. taken from them and there will likely be good people found all the coming year in various hiding places.

http://oldtimer.wordpress.com for the death notice.

Thanks, Wandering Vet for your mention.


I have personally written the criminals who masterminded this effort in Marietta, GA. Here is a good list of email addresses for you to cut and paste in bulk. This is the emails of the mayor and city council of Marietta, GA. hwalquist@mariettaga.gov, ipearlberg@mariettaga.gov, acoleman@mariettaga.gov, BDunaway@mariettaga.gov, gchalfant@mariettaga.gov, alewis@mariettaga.gov, jimking@mariettaga.gov, pgoldstein@mariettaga.gov

I mentioned in my previous post, how cities treat their pets better than homeless veterans. This is the Cobb County, Georgia law regarding pet cruelty:  http://www.municode.com/resources/gateway.asp?pid=10572&sid=10  10 Section 10-121 even states it is against the law to not provide food, shelter and bedding for your pets. The City of Marietta receives funding for the homeless… wonder how they spent it?

Friday, 25th of January 2008 the state of Georgia also accepted a new HUD Grant for the homeless. I wonder what Marietta intends to do with their share? It would be a criminal waste for them to receive any funding in my opinion after their actions. Funny that all of this action as listed in the Atlanta Journal and Constitution took place 24 hours before the new HUD Grant arrived.

Well the leaders of Marietta, Cobb County, Georgia seem to think it is ok to further abuse and further inhumanely treat the homeless. I wonder just how many mentally ill, substance addicted, poor and homeless human beings Mayor Dunaway and company are further going to manage to kill before someone stops him?

Governor Sonny Perdue needs to step in here quickly and relieve these good ‘ol boys of their command. The Mayor and City Council of Marietta, Georgia have proven they can easily kill what they have not dealt with and what they do not want to deal with.

My question: How many other communities are going to reproduce this same plan and to what death and injury toll? Where else is this going on? What can one do to stop it?

Looking forward to hearing from you on this problem.



1 Response to “110. Marietta, GA 1 The Homeless -1”

  1. February 8, 2008 at 9:13 am

    We had a meeting this week with the Police Chief and the Zone Commander involved, at their request. They wanted peace. It was a very positive meeting with a number of concessions given by the city that are very positive, some of which I’ve reported in the story currently on my blog.

    The fight, however is not over. Marietta was half the problem, as many of those affected were outside the city in Cobb County, which conducted their own operation.

    I think, however, we have turned the corner as people are coming out of the woodwork now to give support. Our church is opening an emergency shelter, and I’ve been approached by some wanting to help with a new shelter program, and also by some other advocates that we may join forces with.

    Our homeless friends have been interviewed by a large newspaper over dinner with us at our church, and the paper is coming back for more (nothing published yet). So far there has been positive response by the reporter as she now understands the homeless plight.


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