114. VA Perjures itself against homeless veterans

2516985599.jpg     In the Veterans Administrations quest of downplaying homelessness among veterans, they have found an unknowing patsy or maybe an eager accomplice… The Department of Housing and Urban Development. Why is the VA doing this? Why have they decided to mislead the American Public through lies and committed perjury to Congress? Through HUD’s gross incompetence or deceit, the VA found a sliver of hope and has fully embraced it in front of the United States Congress. They have found that through the error filled, under-studied, much vaunted, and a future to be ridiculed study they have found their scapegoat in advance at the Department of Housing and Urban Development.   The 2007 Annual Homeless Assessment Report from Secretary Alphonso Jackson deserves some serious oversight regarding the data used from 2005. The 2005 data, to say how it was collected, collated, how municipalities were forced to use the Housing Management Information System (HMIS), how only certain Continuum of Cares were allowed to report, the formula method of computing homelessness and the limited scope of “one night over what night?, in certain cities” is questionable.  I have frequently pointed out the fact that Congress and Senate have not checked these figures which do NOT match previous data, which is also incomprehensible.  

Over six months ago I showed that the VA and HUD’s percentages of veteran’s figures and allocations did not match, although the VA swore before congress (Here in this report Titled: Report To The Chairman, Committee On Veterans Affairs, House Of Representatives (Perjury on the behalf of the VA) that their figures came from HUD. The GDP report covering the shortfall of the CHALENG program is suddenly a program that is actually so short of funding now to be non existent. That at the time the ranking member of the Veterans Affairs Committee Rep. Steve Buyer allowed this to happen is inexcusable. Now Congress should have an oversight investigation about this instead of about football or baseball. Actually this shows how stupid or forgiving our Congress and Senate must be.

Should we be electing some of these people to higher offices? Now the Veteran’s Administration, in receiving an sending on a report where 90% of the reports cite veteran data from HUD was skewed to the point of being erroneous to be omitted. NOW yet, it is reported as competent data, and decided by the VA, that this was going to be the definitive source for where they would decide their basis for statistics and funding requests for their own needs on veteran homelessness for the last 36 months. The fact that the HUD report shows that a little over 18% of the homeless in the survey remaining were homeless veterans, after 90% of other data had to be stripped away from the survey was inconsequential to the administrators of the VA. The VA realized this number was too low to be believed so they changed the data. This is why the VA’s data and the HUD data would never match up between HUD, VA or the GAO. Why could Congress not realize this? Does Congress not realize how many homeless veterans this really impacts? Does Congress truly intend to realize and intend to ignore the true numbers of homeless veterans? Of course, the VA sent their report up to congress without HUD’s supporting documentation. (just take their word for it as we are the government too.)

Of course on second thought, who would expect the VA to be so underhanded to use a report full of holes and errors… to doctor it up… write up a report of lies… go into a room full of congressmen and commit perjury? Then lie to the rest of the veterans and American public? Who would think that?  If the VA is intending to use the HUD numbers of less than 80 cities (actually only 55) out of HUD’s Continuum of Care, then the VA will continue to spend less than pennies a day on homeless veterans. This then creates a traumatic crisis for homeless veteran funding and cripples further the CHALENG/VA system further in actuality to the point of actually making it futile and a financial waste of the last 36 months and should be prosecutorial. This is a criminal act and a cover up. It basically shows that the VA has been under reporting its homeless veteran numbers, under funding homeless veteran care and continually lying to congress. Since this has been continuously shown as a pattern, this does look as far as some sort of sick conspiracy of some reason or other since the 121,000 realignment of homeless veterans that occurred in 2003-2004 as formerly reported on this site.

The fact that our brothers in the veteran organizations like the American Legion, VFW, DAV, are sitting on their assets and not saying a word again just leaves me in awe and shame. Of course on the other hand, it leaves me in awe and shame that those on the stages of our national election platforms do not want to talk about it either. 

WE need to drag a few Under-Secretaries of HUD and VA into Congressional and Senate Oversight Hearings and question their ears off regarding these issues without immunity should not be escaping anyone reading these reports or articles. There is enough here to warrant investigation by many judicial departments. The fact that this is being non-investigated is notable in a time when many municipalities have been allowed to violate the first amendment rights of the homeless. 



Report To Chairman Veteran Affairs Committee

2007 Annual Homeless Assessment Report


1 Response to “114. VA Perjures itself against homeless veterans”

  1. 1 A grandmother
    February 12, 2008 at 7:53 am

    Here’s the email address for The Senate Committee on Veteran’s Affairs: http://veterans.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?pageid=1

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