125. 2nd Annual Operation Stand Down – Huntsville, AL.


Dear Friends.

Last October I met some hardworking and dedicated friends that were holding Huntsville, Alabama’s First Annual Operation Stand Down for Homeless Veterans.

I have recently received an update for this years event and wanted to pass it along.

The dates of the Second Annual Operation Stand Down for Huntsville, Alabama are:

October 24th, 25th and 26th 2008 at Joe Davis Stadium.

Operation Stand Downs are conducted nation wide to bring homeless veterans together with service providers both from the Veterans Administration as well as agencies within the community that will assist veterans with their needs.

As the Huntsville, AL OSD is a three day event there will be safe places for homeless veterans to rest, regroup, hygiene facilities, meet with various service providers, and enjoy good meals.

According to Sandra Childress the Secretary of OSD Huntsville, Volunteers are seriously needed to assist with this event.

Anyone wishing to assist or donate money or other items to OSD Huntsville may email Sandra at bsjennings@bellsouth.net



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