127. The Blue Tootsie Rolls

sgidyeca6x01a3ca4s059acasfiyrccax6e7zuca2vg491caaapuascasankk9cag27iqecaaoshptca6yccgicajudpiqcaclam2acalwqijlcalq24a2cagd1mkpcacvinjvca59epswcaivfeufca9hw9zj.jpg            Dear Readers and Wanderingvets: 

I want to talk about something that I saw tonight (and yes I talk about  alot of things, I know). 

Tonight it was raining while I was returning from my job as I was walking down my trail outside the Seattle suburb I reside in.  What initially caught my attention from the distance was a blue blob and some other indistinct items in the distance. 

Upon coming closer I noticed it was two shopping carts butted together and a blue “Tootsie Roll”. For those of you that do not know what a “Tootsie Roll” is, it is what is made when you take a tarp and roll yourself in it to avoid rain or other weather as in an emergency shelter. 

This gentleman was rolled in the “Blue Tarp”. I have written about various protective tarps for use. The “Blue Tarp” by far is the worst.

This tarp should never be donated to the homeless for several reasons. 

The first is that it weighs several pounds and is cumbersome to lug around as an example a couple of shopping carts as I mentioned above with the person I met tonight. Also it is hard to carry around. 

Second when the tarp is folded, the stiff material of the tarp breaks down at the stress points of its checkered cross weaved pattern, causing it to quickly leak in various points. 

Third, these blue tarps threads also break down and get into the pores of the skin causing various rashes and infections and festering. 

Fourth, these tarps are often made from fiberglass and are unhealthy to breathe while sleeping or living due to the break down of the threads and fibers. We have all seen these “Blue Tarps” all over various places in various states of disrepair  or had them fail in some sort of fashion or had them rub off on our hands.

They are not a donation item to give to someone to use as a survival item. 

The best and most economical tarps to donate are plastic 8mil or better plastic tarp as one would use for vapor barriers under homes. It is very durable and reusable. It can be folded, re-rolled, made into tents, and quickly deployed into emergency rain shelters, sun shelters or semi permanent living space. 



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