133. Congressman says VA was Ignorant of Issue… Oh Please


Dear Friends and Wanderingvets:

It always amazes me how conniving and dishonest those boys and gals at the Department of Veterans Affairs and Mis-Administration can be at times. Their level of sneakiness and blindsiding selfishness while guarding the bottom line like it is their own personal fortune that they are splitting at the end of the year and not the Veterans well-being they are providing and caring for is astounding.

Recently in the foreclosure crisis hitting this country there was a housing stimulus bill passed in our congress to help homeowners.

When Congress and the White House put together the $150 billion economic stimulus package, they raised the maximum mortgage limits in high-cost areas for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Federal Housing Administration or FHA.

The limits of the three programs are now capped at $729,750 in the highest-cost areas, including Washington — at least through Dec. 31

Guess who decided not to add themselves to the “Economic Stimulus Package”? That is correct! The Veterans Administration VA Loan Program. While the other three government backed programs raised their housing limits in high density areas so people could buy homes with government guarantees, the VA sat back and declined.

The VA decided that it was prudent to leave out every Active Duty Member of our Armed Forces as well as every single Veteran in our Nation.

Spokesmen for the Department of Veterans Affairs declined to discuss the matter as they often do when questioned on tricky issues of their malfeasance.

House Veterans’ Affairs Committee Chairman Bob Filner (D-CA) was blunt:

 “I think it was out of ignorance,” 

Oh Please Bob! Why is Congress now defending the VA instead of investigating the oversight? If the VA is this ignorant, why not fire some of these ignorant VA employees then? This might undoubtedly save some political cover-ups, media hassles, and budgetary waste as well.

Let me put it this way. The VA decided to give them time to keep themselves out of the mortgage problems that are wracking this nation. By not guaranteeing home loans at the higher limits, they are keeping their exposure lower at only a $417,000 housing limit. One of the promises the G.I. Bill gives veterans is to guarantee repayment of 25% of the home loan to the lender in case of Foreclosure. I guess since the VA is responsible for the repayment, they just decided to ignore the legislation.

It was not Ignorance Mr. Filner, it was not playing honestly with Veterans and the public yet again the VA was doing in this matter. It is easier to guarantee 25% of  $417,000 vs. $729,000. I am not that ignorant that I cannot do the math.

The VA sat back under Secretary Peake’s tenure and allowed the legislation to go through. The VA has “policy watchers” that pay attention to things like this and they let this slide right on by without a word.

  What will it take to get an honest leader in the VA, or as Congressman Filner said, clear the air of “Ignorance”?



1 Response to “133. Congressman says VA was Ignorant of Issue… Oh Please”

  1. 1 AnAmerican
    March 18, 2008 at 12:05 am

    What will it take to get an honest leader in the VA???

    Seems as if the only thing that brings needed changes in the VA is when the public is educated about the obvious lack of attention to detail.(Left to their own ,Walter Reed would still be in in horrible disrepair….it took the public finding out about this before changes occurred!)

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