139. Homeless City, USA

I have ideas at times on ending homelessness in America. I often dream up my best ideas on my long walks to work. I walk rain, snow or sunshine. This is to remind me everyday of what the homeless in this country  are doing that day and experiencing also.


In the media, besides foreclosures leading the headlines, there are also new ordinances for further prosecution of the homeless as well as the government giving out increased subsidies for inefficient ethanol production. Going to ethanol by using corn has increased the cost of food, since corn is used in syrups, feeds and other common staples.


One of my ideas has always been to find large pieces of ground to create “homeless cities”. Begin by finding between ten acres or more, start erecting tents, sink a well and invite the homeless to actually create a government and administer their own city.  My problem in thought was what would the settlers do there to earn an income?


Naturally every city needs to have income to administer services and to pay for things.


My mind wheeled around to Solar Farming. 1 acre of solar panels produces far more energy yearly than 1 acre of corn for ethanol production. Electricity is also saleable. It is an idea but not sure what the profitability is on that yet actually.  


Solar Panel with area equal to 1 Acre:

10 watts per square foot for ten hours a day = 100 watt hours per square foot per day or 36.5 kilowatt hour per square foot per year.  

Kilowatt hours per acre year = 36.5 X 43560 = 1589940
Megawatt hours per acre year = 1590
BTU per acre year = 1590 X 3414000 = 5.43 Billion. 


Solar Panel Btu output (electricity) vs. corn Btu value (ethanol): 

5.43 Billion Btu / 23.2 million Btu= 234


The Native Americans have their tribal casinos. Can the homeless have their solar panels or wind producing machines to maintain? A place to live and job skills is something no agency has quite mastered in providing the homeless of this nation. Also energy production is one job our Congress cannot allow to be EXPORTED OVERSEAS or bring in cheaper foreign labor to produce for us, or IMPORT for us since that is the problem now.


Solar Panels are easy to maintain. But they do need to be maintained. They are not inexpensive either. Solar Energy does have long term benefits as electricity will never change as a power source, although one day we will  leave burnable liquid fuels such as oil and ethanol. Ethanol is just a stop gap measure. Remember leaded fuel?


With the increase in homelessness in this nation, I am sure there are now electrical, mechanical and other engineers that would be willing to move onto the project since they have nowhere else to live currently other than a shelter.


Now springing up these new power producing “green cities” around the nation for the homeless to maintain would naturally reduce homelessness in this Nation. There are wide open spaces of unused arid land that could with little more than a water well drilled, become small respectable communities that are profitable.


And of course once there is a community, other business will follow the people and other types of commerce would develop. Though there will be no Starbucks Coffee, or Pilot Travel Centers. Security services will be provided by locally established firms and not Wackenhut. All the aforementioned companies are currently banned and boycotted for acts against the homeless.


The homeless can organize themselves. Personally they do not want to be where they are not wanted. They do not want to be living in shelters. They are not all alcoholics, criminals, substance abusers and mentally ill.


Inside the ranks of the homeless, they have their own future Mayors, Police Chiefs and Taxpayers who one day might be able to say… “Thanks for all the ordinances.”




1 Response to “139. Homeless City, USA”

  1. 1 ramona von moritz
    June 13, 2008 at 12:09 pm

    Finding a place with enough water to sustain even a village, let alone a city, will be tough, but it’s a great idea….water is more scarce than power at the moment….good water….it wouldn’t surprise me if more wars ove wate begin….do you know that that is really the major issue of the war between the Israelis and the Palestinians that the politicians don’t want people to know? Water rights….Anyway, thank you for your efforts….may they bare fruit for many….Ramona von Moritz

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