143.Survival Tip / Insulated Waterproof Flooring

Homeless Sleeping in Seattle


Dear Friends and Wanderingvets:

It has been a while since I have posted a survival tip. The little white dot in the right side of the photo is a homeless man I know who was sleeping in the brief amount of sunshine outside of Seattle. The local city hall is in the background. The city says they have a low homeless rate.

The other day I was thinking about how wet the ground is in the Pacific Northwest. I often see the Unsheltered Homeless lying in the sun sleeping on clear days here because the evenings are so cold, damp and rainy it is impossible to sleep.

I have met many rough sleepers on my searches to provide aid, distributing our aid packages and clothes to various campsites I have found… and every camp has the standard tarp floor. Their is a problem here as the ground is constantly damp and sweats through tarps and plastics.

Scavenged Styrofoam from dumpsters can create an elevated and waterproof barrier between the ground and ground tarp or ground sheet. This allows water to pass under, is non-absorbent, and actually does not transmit cold  through sleeping bags and blankets .

Styrofoam is easy to find outside any retail stores dumpsters in big blocks and sheets, and easily disposable.

I always reccomend packing out the trash daily from ones campsite. One of the main reasons campsites do get raided is for the amounts of undisposed trash that does accumulate. This is the first sign that cities look for before raiding.


Ps. I will get better on this photo taking!



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