145. Governor Mike Easley of North Carolina

 NC Governor Mike Easley


To Be Political… is not me

I am going to make a political statement for North Carolina.

Governor Mike Easley took close to 1 million dollars for a grant from VA and HUD to refer veterans back to his own state agencies. These monies did nothing more than go into other peoples pockets. These grants were earmarked for homeless veterans and then rediverted.


Creating a phone line to redirect caller veterans back to the VA or other state departments under the guise of the Governors Charities… or the Governors Trust whatever. 

  I have a Mike Easley story about how money paves the way… He took close to 1 million dollars from the VA Homeless Grant Programs to start a phone line for his governors charity to refer veterans back to North Carolina state agencies that his governorship oversees as well as back to the VA. But Governor Easely misappropriated close to 1 million dollars from Homeless Veterans funds for his own wasting use. As this little charity of his is non taxable, I believe a thorough accounting of these funds should be called for.

I am not supporting any candidate here, but I have written about Mr. Easley before, and this Super Delegate is not so Super in my book.



1 Response to “145. Governor Mike Easley of North Carolina”

  1. 1 AnAmerican
    May 5, 2008 at 9:33 am

    Just amazing what has been happening here in NC.
    Like most states throughout the US,North Carolina has faced sharp cuts in mental health services. The state of NC has wasted $400 million dollars by contracting mental health services out to providers who have abused this system. The contracted health care service companies used high school graduates and not licensed mental health care professionals and monthly service fees climbed to over $50 million all the while never reaching the populations that really needed the services most. This is just wrong on so many levels.(FYI~ this was done under the Democratic administration of our Governor Mike Easely.)

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