151. Homeless Veterans Memorial Day

I admit I am disappointed…

When I started this site I wrote about my daily experiences, things I investigated, places I have traveled, and have gone to lengths to research and point out about homelessness among veterans as well as what the homeless in this land experience. I feel like I have failed.My top post on this site that people read or google is on snaring rabbits. I planted snares while being on the roads of this country for survival, not to become the tell all on how to kill a rabbit. It seems I cannot get anyone interested in helping homeless veterans . The VA and other Municipalities should publish how their methods of injuring the homeless is more effective than writing about or helping the homeless.

We recently celebrated Memorial Day. According to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs; Dr. James Peake, we had buried up to 40,000 Homeless Veterans last year. The VA Secretary was parroting this information claiming they are successfully reducing homelessness among Veterans. I move to make the day after Memorial Day the Homeless Veteran’s Memorial Day.

I cannot believe the apathy this country has regarding our homeless population. Maybe Sally Struthers, George Clooney, and Sean Penn and other actors make it easier to save the children and other nationalities overseas as opposed to “On Our Streets”. Together every actor wants to help someone in a foreign land while driving their Rolls Royce or Porsche past their own suffering countryman. I guess that since this is the land of “Opportunity” unless GM, Ford, Johnson Controls or Motorola sent your job to overseas factories and almost bankrupted your city that is OK. Funny, kids are being killed for NIKE shoes on their feet, invented in America by a track coach, now made in factories by overseas workers.

Look around your home, every item in it that cost over $100.00 says Made Somewhere Else. The computer I am typing on was not assembled in this country. 11 of our most populous states are over 5.5% unemployment rate and two of those states are close to 7%. In the meantime there are over 1 million unemployed homeless Americans who are stereotyped as drunks and drug abusers who are not included in those statistics. Every job sent elsewhere hurts American families financially. We have killed more people through economic neglect than we have in any war.

One must understand that the unemployment statistics are two sided. They do not include those workers whose benefits have run out and gave up seeking gainful employment through the states employment divisions and thus are not counted by the Department of Labor.

Foreclosure rates do not include the millions evicted from rental houses or apartments. The foreclosure rates only report the banks foreclosure actions on physical homeowners. Foreclosure rates also include those second homes in Aspen and the Hamptons that the ultra rich decided they did not need anymore. The majority of foreclosures are single family homes where a mother and kids no longer have a home.

While watching CNN today I saw reports of China’s new homeless. The scenes of homelessness are ones I see daily. Anyone with eyes has seen people like these in Nashville, Birmingham, Seattle, Washington D.C., N.Y. City, and all cities have people sleeping in alleys, cars, and fields. We are touched when it happens abroad and turn our back on our neighbors here. I know everyone is eager to give aid to China yet turn our heads from those who need aid in our backyards. When Katrina hit Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas, I asked the United Nations what help they were giving. The answer was none. The point of this is that these areas are still not rebuilt, and there are still many people there without permanent housing still in our country.

As a nation we want to be a world wide friend and we are. Every nation wants our dollars and seems to benefit from our assistance. Unfortunately, we are not caring for our own and have not for years. Just one example of our lack of care for our own citizens is the once low income housing in this nation known as HUD Housing . Cities sold off these subsidized properties for profits in the high real estate markets that have since declined, and have not developed any plans for low income housing. When it comes to providing Low Income housing, this again is another responsibility that municipalities foist on charities. This tactic is now in use also by our federal agencies that are tasked on dealing with homelessness.

The apathy of this country has allowed up to 40,000 Veterans to die on the streets, and this will continue until someone besides me says enough.

It’s time we honor these forgetten veterans with a Homeless Veterans Memorial Day.



1 Response to “151. Homeless Veterans Memorial Day”

  1. 1 AnAmerican
    May 29, 2008 at 8:32 pm

    The social issue of homelessness and the treatment of our veterans is a topic that most of the nation is sorely misinformed about. Afterall,it wasn’t until there was a whistle blower on the appalling conditions at Walter Reed military medical facility that people became aware of the need for change. Since I see the stats for this blog page I know through your writings here that you have indeed educated many people to some issues on homeless veterans who might have never been aware of the signicance of this topic.
    There are wonderful spots of support and compassion throughout this nation of ours,people who truly care about offering a helping hand to those in need….Wanderingvets is one of such spots of compassion and emlightenment. Unfortunately, we lean on government services to provide assistance of our homeless vets on a large scale…and this is where the fault lies. Until we have government services that actually are committed to our homeless vets we will can expect more of the same.
    I would venture to say that there are several homeless folks around who appreciate even the smallest acts of advocacy…on behalf of these folks,thank you.

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